Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Canary Islands

 I've arrived to the Canary Islands safely.  After about a day and a half of traveling I made it to the zone.  I had a layover in New York, Madrid, and then finally to the Canaries.  My good friend Richard Lornie  and Shaun Pyne picked me up from the airport.  The first night I stayed with one of the coolest locals here and legend for sure Ale Barbosa.  He rips and charges fronton.  The next morning Cobus Bosman(photographer and good friend) and I moved into our new zone for the next 5 days in Galdar until we move in with Jeff and Mark Mcarthy on Monday.  It's a sick zone and it's only a 10 minute walk to Fronton and a couple minute walk to some other sick waves to boogie.  We've been surfing everyday.  There has been some sick days at Fronton and a big gnarly day that I didn't even want to paddle out.  The locals here rip super hard and rush.  It's mental and amazing to watch.  I've been enjoying my time here and having good times for sure.  Check out some of the photos below of my Canary Islands trip so far.  aloha

This view never gets old.  On my way to Madrid, Spain
ARSing in Madrid airport.
On my way to Gran Canaria
The view from Ale's house.  Epic zone
First session at Fronton.  Small, but still good waves
Big squid zones in market
Galdar zones
Espresso machine.  A must here in the Canary Islands for sure
Galdar mountain zone
Our apartment living zone for 5 days
DK world champ and GQS qualifier Sacha Specker getting fancy with the epic color houses
Fancy red box zone
This was the big gnarly day.  This photo doesn't do it justice.
Richie guy is cruising somehow

La Guancha.  Photo:  Cayetano

Fronton.  Frame:  Riraw Prod
Fronton.  Photo:  Cayetano

Monday, November 19, 2012

Virginia Beach

       Well after Puerto Rico I came back to my brothers place in Virginia Beach to hang out and cruise before I left to the Canary Islands.  Today is the day i'm leaving somehow and I'm a bit bummed for sure.  I had a really amazing time hanging out with them especially with my niece and seeing all of the beautiful fall colors.  We drove to Washington DC one day, watched my nieces soccer game, and just enjoyed VB zones.  It was good times.  Below are some photos of my short visit here in VB.  I'm off to the Canary Islands today for a month and I'm looking forward to some big ramps and barrels and hanging out with some good friends.  Then after that I'll finally be home somehow for Christmas.  I'm looking forward to these last days/months of the year.  It's going to be epic!  Aloha and mahalo for the support everyone!  Life is good :)
Fall colors in the zone
My niece Alyza showed me her pictures she drew for me to take with me on my trips.

Early morning run.  Pristine zones
Beautiful morning
My brother and his fire zone.  Always starting a fire even if it's 48 degrees out.
Zonesy zones
I surprised my niece by picking her up at school one day.  
Alyza before her soccer game
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That's Alyza kicking the ball zone

So cute
She's so stoked on her trophy
Alyza and her team
All you can eat sushi.  OMG guy!
Beautiful zones
Allkine tv zones for allkine zones for watch.  My brother, Travis, and I watched the fights on Saturday night somehow
Swam zones 
DC zones
A wild Panda in Washington DC
Twilight guys cruising

A photo a Sacha Specker was cruising in a museum in DC

Can watch TV while you pump gas