Sunday, May 26, 2013

2013 IBA Arica Chilean Challenge

               This years 2013 IBA Arica Chilean Challenge has been amazing!  This has been my 5th year competing in this comp and it's the best one yet, for me anyway.  The level of riding was insane and everyone was going for it.  The waves were awesome too and everyone was ripping.  Tying for 5th was my best result here in Chile and my best placing since getting 3rd at the Box last year.  I am really stoked and amped on my performance here in Arica.  Muchos gracias to all of the locals in Arica for showing me a good time and taking care.  Especially to Rapo and his girlfriend Camila and his family.  They are all legends for sure.  I am now on my way to Antofagasta where I am going to compete in the IBA GQS event and then headed back to California on June 4.  Also, a BIG MAHALO to all of you for the support!  It means a lot to me and I appreciate everything!  Words can't express how thankful I am.  Life is good!  aloha and mahalo!  Below are some photos from the last 4 days here in Chile and some from the comp.  enjoy!
Biggest move i've done in my life.  Inverting in my quarter final heat agains winny.  Frames:  Oscar
Inverting in my round 4 heat against Moz.  Frame:  Invertt
Post heat interview after winning my first round heat.  
Free surf reverse.  Frame:  Invertt
A nice wave zone.  Frame:  Invertt
Beards cruising with Karim. 
Inverting.  Bodyboard Nation guys! 
Sunset in Arica
They take care of the athletes here in chile.  Breakfast everyday 
Taking care of fans.  
A local Chilean dish prepared by Rapos mom 
Tango times with my pops
Skype times with my love.  Missing them
Rapo and Camila preparing so much sushi
see told you
Beach zones in Arica
Epic zones
Celebrating the Arica comp drinking sin alcoholic beers. 
Aloha Arica!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

TURBO and shout out!

                 So as most of you all know with all of my instagram posts and etc., I am no longer with TURBO Bodyboards.  After being with them for almost 5 awesome years, I've resigned from TURBO because they've breached their side of our agreement and because of that I am moving forward.  Basically, after qualifying for the World Tour this year and being top 24 I was supposed to be rewarded with a better contract for 2013 and I haven't been paid not even a penny.  I also heard they are done with business somehow.  I still can't put it all together on how all of this happened, but it is what it is and it's time to move on.  I had an amazing time with them and I have nothing bad to say.
                 I've been pretty shattered after hearing the news about TURBO before the pipe comp for a couple months and I'm gradually accepting it.  It's been tough times financially trying to organize my trips to follow the IBA World Tour, but I've been making it happen with the support of my family, girlfriend, friends, fans, sponsors, and everyone.  Also, mentally it was hard to accept the fact that I have no board sponsor and following the tour(which is my first year qualifying) would be tough, but I'm an optimistic person and I know something good will always come I just need to be patient and stay positive.
                For me, it's not all about the money.  It's for the love.  I was Bodyboarding recently about 3 weeks ago at my home break Churches and the waves were only 2-3ft, but perfect conditions.  There was this moment where I just sat on my board and looked at my surroundings and where I grew up surfing and thought to myself.  Why am I so shattered about all of this board sponsor talk and etc etc?  The reason why I started Bodyboarding was because I LOVED it, it's fun, and riding waves with your friends is the best feeling in the world!  This is where it all started.  My life is amazing.  I have the most amazingest support in this world from everyone.  After that session, I didn't care if I was broke, I made the decision that I am going to Chile even if I had to take out a loan.  Which I did.  The flights were super expensive so I decided to just compete in Chile.  I won't be going to Brazil.
                With all of that said, the boys at 805bbr message board started this thread with highlights from the Chile Arica Challenge and knew my situation.  They wanted to help me out in anyway they could so they asked for my paypal account info and after that I've had so much support from them.  Words can't express how thankful I am.  If you like Bodyboarding talk and allkines of topics go to their message board and chat it up.  Also, if you wanna help the cause and donate whatever you can here is my paypal account info:

Name:  Jacob Romero

               A BIG MAHALO and thank you to everyone for the support and positive vibes.  Without you guys I wouldn't be where I am at today.  I am staying positive and I am in talks with a couple of US Bodyboard companies at the moment.  Hopefully, things will work out, but for now I'm enjoying my time here in Chile.  The contest is looking to start on Wednesday with a HUGE swell forecasted.  Stay tuned here at IBA World Tour and watch it live at Live Webcast.  Once again thank you everyone for the support!  Aloha and Mahalo!  Life is good :)
Mahalo everyone from Chile

Friday, May 17, 2013

Arica, Chile

                So I've made it to Chile safely and have been here for about 5 days now.  After a looooooooonnnnggggg trip from California to Arica, I've been getting some good waves and enjoying my time with the Chilean locals.  I am staying with Rapo in his house with Oscar and Dave Hubbard.  It's an epic crew with good vibes and good times.  Rapo is a legend and rips in the water too.  His mom is a great cook as well.  After every surf session we come home around 2pm and we get spoiled with some of the best Chilean dishes I've ever eaten before.  The trials started today and will likely end on Sunday and the main event will run sometime next week with a good big swell on it's way.  Stay tuned at  for all of the info on the comp.  Other than that, I've been having epic times and Life is good!!!!!  Enjoy all of the photos below.  aloha and mahalo
Reversing.  Frame:  The Invertt
On my way to Chile
Layover number 1.  Mexico City
Somewhere over South America
Layover number two.  Peru lima guy
Flying to Tacna, Peru
Driving through the Peruvian boarder

Straight off the plane and into some of these
Tako tuesdays with JUBB
Another Reverse guy.  Frame:  The Invertt 
Another Reverse guy.  Frame:  Oscar
Fancy running shoes

Pretty nice stray dogs

A rare site.  seeing the sunrise.
Dead seal with vultures eating
Chilean dancing at the press conference
A nice Chilean tube
Somehow.  No board sponsor, but I have mad support from my other sponsors.  For the love.
More tubes.  Frame:  Oscar
More tubes.  Frame:  Oscar
Chile takes care of the athletes
Rapos moms cooking
Another reverse guy.  Frame:  Riraw