Sunday, July 28, 2013

Home in July

           This month has been epic!  Not too much surf to talk about, but family times and enjoying Maui home zones  has been amazing!  Going to the beach, hiking, enjoying epic food, pizza parties, BBQs, laughs, smiles, and just sharing epic moments with my loved ones mean the world to me.  It's been awhile since I've cruised home zones this long and I'm loving it.  Even though I miss surfing big insane waves I'm still enjoying being home.  I have some plans for the month of August so stay tuned for some BBing projects.  Below are lots of photos of my Maui home shared with my family.  Thank you everyone for the support!  Life is good!  Enjoy!
Big Beach Early morning with my love and Cordon guy
Enjoyed Big Beach one day with my niece Alyza
Cruising more secret zones with Celeste
Iao Valley zones with my brothers and niece.
Jenga.  Oh shet going fall.
Behind the scenes of a photoshoot Celeste did
Love always
Kolohe boy
My nepher Paxton and Celeste
Feeding the hungry one sunday
6 months
Sunset and dinner with my love
Brother and sister love
New boards are insane
Secret hike to surf zone
Shet in da air
Taco tuesdays
Dinner and sunset with family zones
Mom and pop
Josh and Alyza
Hiking to the windmills with Celeste
Enjoying a Corona guy on secret beach
Great way to end an amazing day with my babe
Bon Dance 
Alyza has no fear
Just dance um
Alyza and I
Family surf day
She is amazing.  Tiling our new bathroom zone
Pizza Party
Pops Bodyboarding.  Such an epic day
Father and son
Pokey tip faka
Hiking with the ladies and Paxton
Iao Needle
Deep in the Valley
Mom, Mary, Paxton, and Alyza
Grandma and her two grand children
Pax boy made it
Taking a dip in the Valley after our hike