Wednesday, April 24, 2013


           I always love going back to Australia.  Especially going back to Cronulla.  Most of my good friends are there and some of the best waves in Australia.  Plus, seeing and hanging out with all of the stoked and amped groms are always good times.  I've been going back there every year for about 4 years now and it's insane how big the groms get and how much they are ripping nowadays.  Dezzy and the boys at Emerald Surf City are legends and always take care of me.  Also, my good friends Shaun Petersen, Richard Lornie, Steve Jones, Deano, and Sully always show the aloha and help me out so much.  With that said, all of the Cronulla boys are legends as well and I just want to say thank you so much for always sharing some waves with me out at your local zones and making Cronulla feel like my second home.  I love it there!
           I didn't do well in the comp.  They held the first day of competition at Mystics.  Mystics is a wedgey beach break, but it was only about 2-3ft on the first day.  I have no excuses I just couldn't get a second scoring wave.  I really wish I made it to the second day as it was pumping at a secret location.  Oh well, life is still beautiful and I can't win them all.  I'm just staying positive and getting ready for the next one mentally and physically.  Well, hopefully I can get to Chile as of right now I can't because it's tough times financially.  I'll make it happen somehow.
           In other news!  I just wanted to give a big MAHALO to my family, friends, fans, girlfriend, and sponsors The Foam CompanyDa Secret SauceInvicta ApparelReeflex USASURGE Wax, and Churchill swim fins for all of the support!  I have the best support I can ever ask for.  Without you guys, none of this would be possible.  
           If you haven't yet, my new clothing sponsor INVICTA Apparel has a new website.   Check it out now and support!  You can now order online and look for the new range to hit store soon.  aloha and mahalo

One Wave from Jacob Romero on Vimeo.
Can't leave Maui without taking a dip in the Valley
Stopped on Oahu to visit my good friend Pat.  He's rehabing after getting hit by a car
My last Hawaiian sunset on Oahu before heading to Australia the next morning
Morning check.  Island zone
Grind.  The best coffee in Australia i reckon
Tanner amping up for the trials at Mystics
Stoked for Kahekili Labatte.  Doing big things.  Inverting in the new Riptide magazine
Maui boys in the new Riptide magazine
Emeralds security guard.  Wendell
Early morning Cronulla sunrise
Site seeing in the city
OOOOOO da pretty dat one
mine mine mine mine mine mine mine
Letting the city cruise
Bondi beach ay
So much traffic.  Even the airplane had to wait
Stormy big conditions at Kiama
Big rain so much cute
Sully's frame of my reverse guy
For the love.  Frame grab from Richard Lornie of my reverse i did after getting knocked in the comp
del boy
WOT Hardy!  Scrap um.  haha jk :) Emerald hangs
Corey grom guy
Sushi guy with the guy of guys
I eat um all.  
Beer of choice in AUS my fav
Super stoked grom Jed.
Meat pie for meat guy
Sahhhhh bahhhhh 
A wild live kangaroo in the airport.   Aww da cute da baby in pouch
First class home on Hawaiian for the hawaiian guy
Hello Oahu
Maui welcoming me home with an amazing sunrise

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Best Place in the World.

              I know I always blog about where I live and tell you guys how beautiful it is, but I can't get enough of my home zones and to me it is the best place in the world.  This past week I had nothing, but good times.  I enjoyed some waves at my home break Churches with all the groms and they were ripping and having fun, I've been eating some fancy foods, went hiking in the mountains, shot some Gopro images, and shared some laughs, smiles, and amazing times with Celeste.  Maui is my home and it's where my heart is.  I always get sad when I leave on a trip.
              I will be leaving today for Australia somehow.  I am excited to catch up with some of my good friends and sharing some waves at there home zones.  I always love going to Australia as it has some of the best waves in the world.  The South Coast Challenge will be insane so be sure to tune in at for the live webcast and updates on the event.  
              Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart for the support and positive vibes!!!!  Everyday is a start of something beautiful.  Enjoy your life and every single moment because life is good and you never know if that same moment will happen again :)  Aloha and Mahalo!
Churches line up.  Photo:  Celeste
Cordon ripping!  Photo:  Celeste
Happy feet.  Photo:  Celeste
Cordon on a nice one.  Photo:  Celeste
Stand up guy.  Photo:  Celeste
Stand up sahhhh.  Photo:  Celeste
cute wave.  Photo:  Celeste
Super low tide sand piles.  Photo:  Celeste
guy.  Photo:  Celeste
Silvan and Cordon.
Jayden grom coming in
Silvan and Jayden coming in.  It was there first times surfing Churches.
Silvan, Jayde, and Spencer.  Cordons good friends.  All first timers at Churches.
Some fancy photo skills.  Photo:  Celeste
Bird cruising in Waiehu
Group photo
Group photo with Cordon
Group photo with Silvans mom and dad.  They came to watch us boogie.
Backflipping at the Bay in April?  das good!
Hiking in Waiehu with Celeste
See told you.
Epic view of the zone
The Valley
Burn da beard
Celeste BBQing some ribs
Sunset cruising on the Westside

Aww da cute!
Nobody out at the bay
Dooma photos getting the fancy angles
Iao Valley
Enjoying a snowball at koho zone
Sunrise home
Another valley refresh dip solo guy
Another BBQ zone for Rusti's belated Bday
My sister in law blowing out her candles with fancy wines cruising
My boy and my girl cruising on the floor
The sun setting on the south side
Taco Tuesday at Fred's
Invicta guys
Make sure to recycle and keep the aina strong
Some acai bowls with allkine fruits 
Cooked some Chicken Katsu and fancy potatoes and cruising brocclis 
Toms Shave Ice is cute
Getting the Pizza oven ready for make allkine fancy pizza
Happy times 
Celeste's first pizza ever made in the pizza oven
Celeste almost getting barreled
Fancy photos skills by hags with Cordon cruising outside of the barrel

Majestic Honu cruising sand
Watery beard

My Gopro 9 works insane
Aloha Maui