Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summertime fun

                      It's been a month since I've been home now and it's been good times this summer.  We finally had some good waves on the south side so that was super good.  I also been spending a bunch of time with my amazing girlfriend and family.  I feel relaxed and ready for my next travels which will be very soon and I'm super excited and amped!!!!!  
                     I just came back from Oahu as well.  I went there to pick up my new boards and to hang out with Mark Dale and Jarod Gibson.  It was awesome to be apart of the demo for the T&C employees.  I've gained more knowledge about No.6 and all of the AGIT Board lines new board technology.  The future is looking insane for No.6!  Life is good here on Maui and I hope Life is good where ever you are in this world!  Stay tuned for updates on my trips coming up in a couple of weeks!!!  Some exciting times ahead!
Throwing some water and showing how versatile my No.6 signature model is. 
Ready for the boogie adventure 
Enjoying mauis beauties
My niece alyza is part monkey.  aha
Celeste capturing a nice dk hack
Goproing at hotels zones
Cordon Stapp boosting
Family fun
One of my new color combo signature boards this year
My nephew paxton with uncle jonahs sun glasses
A stoked fellow boogie wave rider with his new JROM signature board
Running and stretching
Free movie at the MACC with the family
snapchatting on the plane to Oahu.  @jacobromero1
Some good Acai on Oahu
The Team
Tandem boogie with my love

Monday, July 7, 2014


                     Whenever I travel and am away from home for a long period of time, coming back home is always the best feeling in the world.  During the last 3 months or so I've traveled to Indonesia, Portland, Costa Rica, Japan, Big Island, and Kauai.  I love to travel, but coming home and staying for at least a month or so to relax and rejuvenate is amazing!!!!  I've been home for almost a month now and i'm loving it.  My girlfriend Celestial is home as well so it's been nothing but good times.  I've been eating good foods, exploring my beautiful island with my family, friends, and girlfriend, Bodyboarding here and there whenever theres waves, enjoying the beach zones, eating shrimp with my new Da Secret Sauce Team Jacobs "Da Shrimp Pack", fishing, camping, watching the sunrise and sunset on top of the highest point on Maui, working out, training, running, and just enjoying the simple things.  I love Maui!!!!  
                      Below are photos of some epic memories of my home Maui zones.  I'll be home till the beginning of August, but have options to travel some zones this month so we will see what happens.  Hopefully all of you are enjoying your home zones or travel zones where ever you are in this beautiful world!!!!  Wake up each day and smile :).  Life is a blessing and enjoy every second of it!  Life is good!  Thank you everyone for the support!  aloha!
Acai bowl from Farmacy in Wailuku
Friends family home
Summer time south swells are cute.
My favorite Acai Bowl from Choice Health Bar.  Da Green Buzz bowl
Running the valley with my bro
Another acai bowl from Farmacy
My girlfriend Celestial and I enjoying the sunset at Big Beach 
Running da Valley with my babe
Booching at Maui Kombucha
Love her!
Sunset from da mountain 
crab faka was eating my shrimp
Celestial knows which Boards are the best! 
My nephew Paxton knows which boards are the best!
Super proud of my pops!  He is the president of the Wailuku Rotary club!  yessah!
see :)
My girls
My niece Alyza 
Goat with mini beard
Goat with mini beard
Sunrise from Haleakala with my love!
At Kayelas graduation party.  yessah congratulations Kayela!
Get your Team Jacob "Da Shrimp Pack" now!
Spending the morning with my papa and Alyza
Romero littling
My nephew Paxton
Sunset from the top of Haleakala.
Brown and blue
My good friend Bryan Pezman came to Maui for less than 24 hours and scored some epic Maui zones.
Pez and Jones
I love Kombucha
Iao Valley sunrise
Pez and I being clowns and loving the sunrise zones
Pezman doing work
Then we went straight to the Eucalyptus trees from Iao Valley.  
Saying good bye to a good human!  Pez is da man! 
Going fishing on the 4th of July
My mom is badass.  Catching the prized fish for the day
I'm the Nabeta hags
Just pops and his boys
Jones trying to show my mom up.  
Love them more than anything in this world!
Maui you are beautiful
July 4 fireworks in Lahaina from the boat
Our catch with some Da Secret Sauce.