Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Break in Portland

              After having such an epic winter season at home, I felt like I needed a break and a cute vacation to unwind and relax and get ready for my travels overseas.  I ended up spending Spring Break with my girlfriend Celestial in Portland.  It was her Spring Break for college so it was great timing.  It was my second time to Portland and like my first trip it was epic times again.  We have so much fun together and adventure all over the zones.  We did everything.  We cruised the waterfront zone(it was sunny and warm for the most of my trip), made Kale salad together, at dinner with my friends Eric and Emma who live in Portland as well, but are from Hawaii, watched my first NBA game, had a picnic at the waterfront, and went to the Saturday market.  I love it in Portland.  She is my best friend and always puts a smile on my face :) 
            I'm back home now training and enjoying my family time before I start traveling to zones really soon.  I am feeling more amped and motivated than ever to boogie allkine zones.  I hope everyone enjoyed their Spring Breaks and having good times!  Mahalo!
                Below are lots of photos from our Spring Break as well as a cute little clip Celestial put together of our adventures.  

Bangs&Beard 2 from cessy on Vimeo.

Friday, March 14, 2014

A memorable 2013/2014 winter season.

           With winter season coming to an end, I would have to say that this 2013/2014 has been one of the best winter seasons for Hawaii for sure.  Well maybe not the whole Hawaii, but for my Maui home zones.  It seemed like every week we had favorable winds (light to no wind or kona winds), great swell directions, and big high surf warning swells.  All of these conditions made it sick for all of my favorite spots at home.  I also scored some fun waves on Oahu as well, but I only spent about 2 weeks total on Oahu because I always went home because the waves were just super good.  I feel so blessed, fortunate and grateful to call Maui and Hawaii my home.  With all of this said, 2014 is starting off to be an amazing year and I look forward to the rest of the year Boogieing allkine zones, enjoying life, adventuring, and sharing epic moments with my family and friends.  Thank you Jesus!  Also, to all of you for all of the support and love as well as my sponsors for everything!  LIFE IS GOOD :)
            Below are some highlights from some of my Boogie sessions I've had at home and Oahu this 2013/2014 winter season.  Enjoy!  aloha and mahalo  
Favorite time of the day.  Photo:  Matt Catalano @moceans
My favorite wave on the North Shore of Oahu.  OTW.  Photo:  Michael Aguiar @mikeaguiar_
Another shot from OTW.  Early season.  Photo:  Michael Aguiar
OTW again early season.  Photo:  Alex Perez
Another one from Alex Perez
Oahu during the APB Pipe comp using my skintec No.6 JROM LTD signature board
OTW.  Photo:  Alex Perez
OTW.   Photo:  Deon Ahlo
Reversing OTW.  Photo:  Matt Castiglione
Invert backdoor during the contest.  Photo:  Andre Moura
Pipe wave during my first heat.  Photo:  Souf Photography
Photo:  Matt Castiglione
Back home.  Honolua Bay.  Frame grab:  Wade Saunders
Honolua late evening.  Photo:  Reis Shimabukuro
DKing Honolua.  Photo:  Vaun Stover-French
Photo:  Vaun Stover-French
Reversing going left at Honolua Bay.  Photo:  Enoka Hue-Sing
Inverting.  Photo:  Dooma Photos
Backflipping.  Water shot from Honolua by Davin
Reversing Honolua.  Photo:  Enoka Hue-Sing
Reversing at the Bay.  Photo:  Marcus Rodrigues
Another reverse from Enoka Hue-Sing
Sharing a wave with a pokey tipper.  PHoto:  Dooma Photos
Backflipping at the Harbor.  Photo:  Reis Shimabukuro
Reverse backflip kine i tink.  Frame:  Gareth Sheehan
Another zone at home.  Photo:   Enoka Hue-Sing
Water shot from home zone.  Photo:  Marcus Rodrigues
So passionate for this zone.  Pre paddle out at the Ledge
Reversing at the Ledge.  Photo:  Awe
Ledges.  Photo:  Enoka Hue-Sing
Inverting at Ledges.  Photo:  Enoka Hue-Sing
Reversing with a cute angle.  Photo:  Mike Stu
Reverch.  Photo:  Enoka Hue-Sing
Photo:  Mike Stu
Photo:  Enoka Hue-Sing
Photo:  Enoka Hue-Sing
Another favorite wave at home. Photo:  Matt Catalano
Photo:  Matt Catalano
HBAY invert.  Photo:  Maui Surf Photos
Inverting at the zone home.  Photo:  Matt Catalano
Backflipping at the home of zone.  Photo:  Matt Catalano
Waiehu zones.  Photo:  Matt Catalano
Life is good :)  Photo:  Matt Catalano