Monday, August 26, 2013

Flat Waves

                 I've never seen my homes zones this flat for this long in forever.  This has been one of the flattest summers for sure, but it's all good.  I'm still enjoying being home and spending lots of time with my family, friends, and girlfriend.  Below are lots of photos of the good times we've shared.  Camping, eating good food, enjoying the sunny beach zones, pokey tipping, SUPing, and allkine other activities are just the few things we've been doing the past 2 weeks or so.  Enjoy the photos!  I hope you guys are scoring some waves where ever you are.  If not, then I hope  you're enjoying life with your loved ones. Aloha and mahalo for the support everyone!  Only 3 weeks left and I'm off to allkine zones.  
Shore break cruising.  Photo:  Celeste
Stand up no fins sah
Pokey tipping
We do everything together.   I love her!
My older bro SUPing the deep seas.
My turn SUPing
Honomanu pristine times
Love them
My mom and Paxton sharing a moment up stream
SUP stream
found this nice shell for my girlfriend
JROM and Paxton guy
Grandma and grandpa
My mom can cook some epic grinds.  
Cruising da beach
Found allkine shells
Cruising Waiside bridge lidat
Iao Valley
Sunset times with my love
Alyza and aunty Cessy getting some fishing poles
New haircut lidat 
Upcountry zones
Sunrise from home
Alyzas first soccer practice.  Aunty Cessy showing Alyza some stretches
Moon lit hike
Fitness times
My mom in the valley
Father and daughter
Iao Valley family times
Josh, my uncle Daniel and Celeste fishing for Oama 
Da Secret Sauce
Saw choke dolphins in Honomanu