Sunday, March 25, 2012

Western Australia

So I've been in Western Australia for a couple of days now and I'm loving it.  This is my first time here and it's a beautiful place.  The scenery, waves, ocean, and wild life is epic.  I'm staying with the Saffa boys.  Jared Houston, Mark Mcarthy, and Mark's brother Nathan is the crew I'm with.  Good crew for sure.  We've been surfing mostly everyday, but today was a lay day as the waves are small.  So today we went to this boat harbor zone and cruised with some Manta Rays.  It was pretty epic and unreal because I've never seen those animals do that before.  It was good times for sure.  The trials are on for the next couple of days and I'm ready for sure.  Waves look fun.  aloha everyone!  cheers :)
Mark and Jerry packing our car for the 3 and a half hour drive to Margaret River
Pristine zones in WA
Life is good :)
The boys cruising sunset zones
Hags with a Manta Ray zone
Hags, Daniel Worsley, and Jerry petting a baby Ray
Double hand pet

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Boards and Australia

I've made it safely to Australia and I'm cruising WA at the moment.  It's been epic and I'm loving it here.  The first couple of nights I stayed with Corio, owner and creator of Flipmode Clothing.  Check them out at Flipmode Clothing and order some fresh clothing somehow.  I scored some fun waves at Shark Island on the first day I was here and it was nice to surf and cruise with all of my Australian friends again in Cronulla.  Somehow my good friend from Kauai Kainoa Lum and his fiance Mariko Jade were in Australia and was in Cronulla as well.  I got to surf with Bondy at the island.  Stoked!  After I surfed, I cruised with the boys at Emerald like I always do.  They are like my second family here in Australia.  Be sure to check them out at or in Cronulla zones.
Also, Glenn Taylor shaped me a couple of boards to test out here in WA.  These are my new models for this year and will be available in June and then later on world wide.  Check out the pics below and TURBO's website at TURBO Bodyboards.  aloha and mahalo
New Board Models 
Can't wait to test these bad boys out :)
Glenn Taylor in his zone
Catching the train to Cronulla zone
Train zones.
SURGE guy in train zone
Morning surf out the island
Best coffee in Australia for sure
Emerald Bodyboard shop owner Dezzy with Kainoa Lum in the back ground checking out the selection of board.
Shark Island.  Photo:  Mariko Jade
Shark Island.  Photo:  Mariko Jade
Hags and Bondy at Emerald
Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Maui times

The last couple of days have been amazing on Maui other than the waves being flat, but it's all good.  I've been enjoying Maui home zones with my girlfriend, family, and friends.  Yesterday, Robin and I went on a hike to the cross on the West Maui Mountains.  It was a nice hike and a great workout since it's almost all up hill.  The view was amazing once we got up there.  After our hike we took Kolohe to the beach.  It was his first time at the beach in a looooooonggggg time.  Let's just say he was being a rascal and we had to cut our beach day short and I ended up not catching anything on my fishing pole, but it was still a nice beautiful sunny day.  After the beach we had some friends over for St. Patricks Day.  We BBQed some steaks and had a great time.  This morning(Sunday March 18) the 3 Guerrero ladies and I went up to Haleakala to watch the sunrise.  It was really clear, but super cold.  It was very windy which made it even colder.  It was so cold that we left right before the sun came out.  haha, but it was still a great time.  After the sunrise, my pops, mom, Robin, and I went to eat the most amazing buffet brunch I have ever eaten at the Makena Beach Resort Maui.  My favorite was the Creme Brulee desert which I ate about 4 bowls :)  I love Maui!  aloha
Hiking to the cross zones
It looks bigger when you are looking at it from Wailuku
Robin maneuvering uphill zones 
Beautiful Iao Valley
Pristine view
I love Maui
Beach day with Kolohe
Steaks on the grill.  Kolohe resting from a long day at the beach.
Haleakala sunrise.
Robin freeeeeeezzzzing
Check out the moon.  Top left.
The crowd
Creme Brulee anyone?
Robin and I :)
Hags, pop, mom, and Robin stuffed

Saturday, March 17, 2012

SURGE Bodyboard Wax

The guys at SURGE Bodyboarding hooked me up with a bunch of SURGE Bodyboard Wax for my up-coming travels.  They also provided me with a sick Bodyboard bag, stickers, and a rash guard.  Click on this link to view SURGE Bodyboarding 4.0 online mag.  5.0 should be coming out this month so stay tuned.  Also, get to SURGE Bodyboard Wax facebook page and hit like to keep up-to-date with all kinds of good news. SURGE Bodyboard Wax.  SURGE Bodyboard Wax is available at all good Bodyboard shops.  Get some today.  aloha and mahalo
SURGE goodies
Stay tuned for a SURGE Bodyboard Wax edit by Mike Kini.  It should be epic.!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Fan Page

Aloha everyone.  It's been almost a year since this fan page started up and I just wanted to say thank you for all of the support and I appreciate all of the kind and positive words for sure.  I will be updating this page with photos and words of my trips this year so be sure to click "like" to keep up-to-date on my travels.  Thanks again!  Below is a photo of me DKing earlier this year.  Enjoy.  aloha and mahalo :)
Here is the link again:
Photo:  John Kenolio

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Boogie times with Robin

Yesterday, my gf Robin and I went Bodyboarding at her favorite spot, Olowalu.  There was a little south swell somehow and we got some fun waves.  I've been spending a lot of time and just enjoying my time with my family and gf since I got home from the North Shore.  I'll be leaving on Monday for Australia and Robin leaves for the Navy at the end of April so I want to cherish every second I have here at home with her.  Below are some photos from our boogie sesh:)  aloha and mahalo
All smiles catching the set of the day.

Cruising Gopro
Roll zones
Mini barrel zones.  Big enough to only fit my beard.
Happy times :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Foam Company

I just wanted to give a HUGE MAHALO to The Foam Company and to the owners Alisha and Cary Kayama for supporting me and giving me a job while I'm at home.  I have been on the team for about 2 years now and I'm proud to say that I've just re-signed with them for another year :)  If you haven't checked them out yet, they are located in the Maui Mall in Kahului right across the Pet Shop.  You can also check them online and order stuff at The Foam Company.  Hawaii's number 1 only Bodyboard shop is loaded with all kinds of Bodyboard brands such as TURBO, No.6, Nomad, Triad, Manta, Custom-X, NMD, VS, Ballistic, Science, Pride, Bluntcuts, Viper, Kicks, Churchill, SURGE Wax, DVD's, clothing, Dakine accessories, and more for sure!  You can also go to their facebook page at The Foam Company Facebook page.  SUPPORT now!  aloha and mahalo :)
The Foam Company
Customer friendly
TURBOs, Custom-X, and allkine fins in stock
Stoked groms with the new "Chout The World" DVD 
Triads, Science, Mantas, and allkine fins cruising
Stoked customer with his new Romero TURBO model
Hawaii's number 1 only Bodyboard shop
You can find hags everyday at The Foam Company on the window