Friday, September 27, 2013

Fun quick trip

                  The past 4 days have been awesome!  I went on a quick fun trip to Kauai to surf and cruise with some good friends.  It was nice to see some old friends and spend some time with them.  I love Kauai.  There's good food, nice zones to surf, epic hikes, pristine scenery, and most of my good friends live there.  Below are some photos from my trip.  Hope everyone has been getting some waves and some good times :)  Life is good! 
Flying over Molokai
Got to surf with some stoked fans at their home zones.
Dphils and Tania dog Xira cruising on my lap 
A beautiful sunrise to start the day
Niihau in the background
Epic sleep zone
Kainoa Lum and dphils cruising in dphils yard
Dried mango ono grinds 
Brother and sister cruising.  Xira and Zulu
Best shave ice i've had.  Organic kines lidat.  Green tea
Dphils fancy Hibiscus one
Lazy rainy days
Hiking dat mountain
Ooo da pristine da view
Kauai is amazing!
Getting closer
Dphils and I WOT!
All smiles 
Dphils in the zone
Shrimp zone
Cute barrel.  Photo:  Dphils
Cute rollo.  Photo:  Dphils
Cute turn.  Photo:  Dphils
Cute cute.  Photo:  Dphils

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

IBA Hawaii stop #1, Sandy Beach Oahu

        This past weekend was the first stop of the IBA Hawaii Tour at Sandy Beach, Oahu and it was good times.  I was really stoked that they brought back this tour back to Hawaii because I used to compete in the IBA Hawaii tour about 10 years ago and I always looked forward to competing in them.  The organizers and sponsors put together an awesome and really organized event.  I was really impressed by the structure of the event, the format(priority, prize money distribution to the finalists, judging, etc.), and just everything about it made it good times!  
        I ended up winning every heat until the finals where I was stopped and placed 2nd behind the winner Matt Holzman.  I held 1st place for majority of the final, but Matt got two really good scores in a span of 5 mins under priority and ripped both waves.  It goes to show that having priority isn't always a good thing, but it's all good.  A 2nd place finish in the first IBA Hawaii is a great result and I'm super stoked!  Congratulations to Matt for winning the event!  He was ripping the whole contest and he's a very deservable winner!  Also, congratulations to all of the finalists and riders for pushing the level of riding this past weekend.  It was really awesome to watch the young groms ripping as well as the Maui boys.  Mack Criley a young ripper from Maui won the DK pro and Noa Auweloa also a young ripper from Maui got 3rd in the jr. pro!  
       A big MAHALO goes out to all of the sponsors and organizers of the IBA Hawaii Tour!  Also, to all of the fans that came out to watch the comp and all of you for the continuous support!  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!  One more thanks to my sponsors:  The No.6 Bodyboards, The Foam Company, NVCTA Clothing, Da Secret Sauce, Surge Wax, and Reeflex Wetsuits.  Aloha and mahalo!  Life is good :)  Thank you Jesus!
IBA Hawaii stop number one winner Matt Holzman
Warm up free surf flip at half point.  Photo:  Nick Dodge
My 9 point flip during the finals.  Photo:  Nick Dodge
Friday nights sunset from Sandy Beach
Saturday mornings sunrise
Half point
2nd place trophy and a nice board bag from the best boogie shop in the world The Foam Company
Sunset photo #1 from Sunday evening
Sunset photo #2 from Sunday evening
Sunset photo #3 from Sunday evening
Sunset photo #4 from Sunday evening.  I love sunsets
The Open Pro finalists
My sponsors are legends
Focused.  PHoto:  Kristy Barracuda
Cute invert in my quarterfinal heat.  Photo:  Kristy Barracuda
Fip in my semifinal heat.  Photo:  Kristy Barracuda
Round 2 heat draws and results 
Quarter, Semi, and Final heat draws and results

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Declassified Tapes: Part 1-Hawaii 2013

SOL Productions is proud to present The Declassified Tapes: Part 1 - Hawaii 2013.  Check it out and like there facebook page for updates and allkines.  Mahalo!

The Declassified Tapes: Part 1 - Hawaii 2013 from SOL Productions on Vimeo.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Waves and good times!

            So we finally got some waves here on Maui and it's been good times!  I Boogied all day Wednesday and got some fun waves with Cordon.  My beautiful girlfriend Celeste took some cool photos of the both of us.  It felt really good to finally get some decent waves to flaunt my new pink JROM bottom board.    
            Also, I've been enjoying good times with my family and Celeste.  Celeste is leaving for college in a couple days so my family and I threw a going away party the other day.  It was good times and we had so much food to eat.  It was nothing but smiles and laughs.  It's been one of the best summers here on Maui spending time with Celeste.  It went by so fast though.  We've been  having so much fun and exploring and adventuring together.  She's going on to college to chase her dreams and I'm doing the same.  It's great :)  She is amazing and is a beautiful person inside and out.  Super positive and supportive and I love her a lot.
          God has blessed me so much and it's because of him anything is possible.  I hope all of you have been enjoying your zones and getting some waves.  Enjoy the photos below.  Life is good :)  aloha and mahalo
Cordon and I with guy paddling out to the line up zone
Flip guy
A nice empty zone
Invert #1 sequence zone
Invert #2 sequence zone
Invert #3 sequence zone land um 
Cordon on a nice one
Beautiful rainbow zone
The locals were cruising
Reverse sequence zone
Bamboo forest
That's my niece Alyza climbing the cliff.  She has no fear
Celeste and Alyza
My love and I
My cousin Bradley and niece Alyza enjoying the waterfall zone
Alyza and Celeste
The whole gang
My love and I 
See when you hike barefoot
Secret zone
Honolua Bay firing
Alyzas first soccer game
She scored 3 goals.  So proud of her.
Celeste and her sign she made for Alyza
Uncle Jake and Zores
Celeste's cake for her going away party
Manning the grill.  Taking over Josh's job.
Ryan, Celeste, and Jonah 
Family and friends
Cordon VS Kimbo
Anu, Celeste, My mom, Mary, Rebecca(Celestes mom), and Alyza.  Girlz Girlz Girlz.
Waihee ridge hike with my love
blowing one dandy lion i think
Celeste on the ridge
We did it! 
Selfies on top the sala
Da Secret Sauce sala
From the Mauka to the Makai.  Life is beautiful
The sunset
I love her!
The moon during sunset