Tuesday, June 17, 2014


               Straight after the IBA Hawaii Shipwrecks contest in Kauai, I traveled to Japan to meet up with my good friend Brody, cousin Jordan, and Sean.  It was brody's first time traveling internationally and I get good deals on Hawaiian airlines so I told him that I'll meet him there and take a mini vacation somehow.  My cousin Jordan lives there and we stayed with him.  Sean also lives there, but lives about 2 hours north.  He came down to Tokyo and stayed at a friends place so we cruised all together.  It was good times.  My goal going to Japan was to eat allkines of food, drink allkines, enjoy the culture, and have fun with some good friends.  I was really stoked and impressed how comfortable Brody was traveling internationally for the first time.  He made lots of friends and wasn't scared to ask for help or directions from the locals.  It was awesome!  I cruised Japan for 7 days and decided to come home early and surprise my dad and family for fathers day.  I'm back home now enjoying the home zones and my beautiful island Maui home!  Life is good :)  aloha and mahalo! 
            Below are a bunch of photos from my mini Japan vacation.  A big thank you to my cousin Jordan for housing us.  Strong!  yessah!
I love this view
Buggah is action.  mek strong
Brody and Sean
Tokyo city cruising
Boss coffee strong
Unagi guy
Jordan, Brody, and my friend Momoko from Japan came to cruise and hang out
Typical train rides 
Udon eat um 
Brody, Sean, and I adventured to Fuji town to try and see Mt. Fuji, but it was raining and we could only still see a little of it.  It was still epic times. 
Oooooo da ocean
Udon hana hou
Just stuff da train lidat
Beef bowls.  cheap and good 
Be different
Brody's bucket list in Japan was to eat "fugu" aka puffer fish and he and Jordan did just that.  I neva like eat um.  Just shrimp.
The Japan crew.  Jordan, Sean, Brody, and shrimp
One last udon guy before i leave
This what happens when you travel to japan.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

IBA Hawaii stop #2 Shipwrecks, Kauai

         This past weekend was the http://www.ibahawaiitour.com stop #2 at Shipwrecks Beach in Kauai and it was such a sick event.  I love Kauai and I have so much good times hanging out with my friends(Boogie Nation crew) from there all the time.  
          I ended up leaving Maui on Tuesday so that I could surf and enjoy the Kauai zones with friends. The waves were super fun and we got some waves everyday.  Unfortunately, the waves weren't as good for the contest, but they were still rippable and fun.  
          Friday and Saturday were the days the Jr Pro, DK pro, Womens Pro, and Open mens pro were held.  The conditions were side off shore and about 1-2ft with an occasional 3 footer that would come in.  I competed in Open Mens and the DK Pro.  It was my first time entering a DK professional division here in Hawaii somehow.  Most people don't know, but I used to DK more than I proned when I first started Bodyboarding.  I love to DK for sure.  I ended up getting 4th in the Dropknee Pro division and winning the Open Mens division.  So stoked!  Thank you to all of you for the support!  Also, the the staff and judges who put together the event and to all of the other finalists.  Always good times!  To my sponsors as well:  No.6 Bodyboards, The Foam Company, Da Secret Sauce, Reeflex Wetsuits, and SURGE wax.  Last but not least, to my good friend Dphils and Tania for the hospitality and to Zulu and Zizi!  Mahalo!  Life is good!
An empty at a zone 
Timmy Hamilton staying hydrated and running with coconut under water
Den I went try um myself.  Brah if i was thirsty i just went drink um den keep running for like 11 miles under water.  minahs!
Nice ah da school of aholehole
awwww da cute
Timmy Hamiltons baby boy Thomas cruising on one monkey
Awwwww da cute uncle bondy with Thomas
Beard and Thomas
Bondy wit bag at farmers market 
Dphils and Tanias chickens mek allkines eggs.  Megatron soure um all
Dphils and Bondy trying for shoot in da basket.  he shetty
Zulu and Zizi cruising
My boy Jay and his friend Desi came down to support me in my DK division.  Such epic support!  
Simple beautiful
Saying our goodbyes to Jay and Desi.  Theses guys just came for the day to support .  couldn't be more thankful.  Such legends.
Hammah aka Micah Mcmullin taking out the DK division
Open mens finalists somehow