Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Years/Eve Everyone!

            Happy 2014 to some of you in this world and happy New Years Eve to everyone else especially in Hawaii :)  This 2013 has been amazing!  Through the ups and downs everything was beautiful.  There is always something positive in negative situations so every moment in 2013 is beautiful.  Well that's how I view it :)  Since my last post, the waves have been really good and I've been Bodyboarding a lot.  I've got some good days at one of my favorite breaks on Maui with my friends.  Also, hanging out with my family is special to me.  My family means everything and I wouldn't be where I am at today without the support of my family.  My mom and dad has been happily married 23 years today and we had a special day eating breakfast up in Kula and cruising.
            I'm going to keep this blogg post short and cute.  Have a safe and fun NYE tonight and I hope 2014 brings all of you happiness, smiles, laughs, waves, shrimp, etc.  Enjoy the last hours of 2013 and blast off into 2014.  BOOM!  Mahalo for all of the support everyone!  I love you all :)
Inverting.  Photo:  DOOMA
Inverting.  Photo:  Wade
Flipping.  PHoto:  DOOMA
Shrimping.  Photo:  Wade
Sharing.  Photo:  DOOMA
DKing. PHoto:  Vaun
Sahhing.  Photo:  Vaun
Secret zone with my family
Family Christmas picture
Shrimp eat
Flipping.  Photo:  Enoka
Sahhhing.  Photo:  Enoka 
Eating shrimp.  Photo:  Enoka
Kona K. Photo:  Enoka
How many years.
good.  Photo:  Enoka
Family breaky in Kula for my mom and dads anniversary 
Mahalo to my sponsors Photo:  Cuda shots
Beautiful love <3

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Christmas Eve everyone

            Happy Christmas Eve everyone.  I know it will be Christmas for some of you in the Australian zones today and other zones and I hope your Christmas is beautiful and that Sanata brought you some cool gifts.  This is my first blogg post since being home from New York and it's been nothing, but good times.  I was greeted with an amazing sunset right when I got out of the airport.  Sunrises and sunsets are my favorite times of the day.  I've also been enjoying family and friend times, kombucha zones, good food, wave storming with my niece, DKing with the boys, working at The Foam Company, and The Foam family and friends celebrated The Foam Companies 10 year anniversary.  I love being home and we've been getting some waves as well.  Below are some photos of some epic moments of home zones.  The Foam Companies anniversary picnic was insane.  JUBB and DUBB came over for the good times and we gave away so much prizes to some epic groms.  It was epic to boogie with the frothing groms and talk story.  Mahalo to The Foam Company for 10 amazing years.  More years to come for sure :)  Enjoy this beautiful Christmas Eve and Christmas day for some of you.  Be thankful everyday and give thanks to the Lord!  Thank you everyone for the support!  Aloha and Mahalo
Sunset over the Hawaiian islands
First thing I see coming off the plane.  Maui LOVE!
DK Maui killahs
Time to get fat
Sunrise from my backyard
Black and tan
Opihi gems eat
My niece long boarding with her dad.  no fear
A beautiful sunset from Lpoko zone
The banyan tree with cute lights
Ululanis.  coconut, green tea, lihing mui oooooo
JROM and beards are available
My favorite.  moms Kale cesar anykine shrimp salad
Maui Kombucha
Beard and my nephew Paxton
Backyard friends
Eat da rainbow
My favorite place
Sanata with black beard
Sushi dinner with my bro and good friends
some old school JKOB shirts 
Christmas carolers in my backyard
Our beautiful Christmas tree 
Morning beauty
A stoked customer with his new JROM
Amazing people behind The Foam Company
I like eat dat so good shet
DK shet
Paxton telling santa what he wants for Christmas.  He said, shrimp.  das easy i get plenty
My Maui friends sleep wit me
10 Year Anniversary picnic with legends 
For the groms
An epic winner winning beard board JROM guy
10 Strong years
Fancy dinner.  look da shrimp cruising good i cook um