Friday, November 29, 2013

Canary Islands update #2

                  So i've been here in the Canary Islands for about a week now and it's been good times.  The waves have been really fun, but I can't wait till it starts to pump which looks like soon.  I've been enjoying some good food, hanging out with some good friends, and doing allkines.  I'm amped and stoked for the Fronton King which starts on Dec 1-7.  The forecast is looking good as well!  Below are a bunch of photos of some epic times here in Canary Islands.  I love it here!!!!  Life is good :)
Who will be the Fronton King
Canary Island legends!  Stoked to be cruising with such epic friends.
Las Palmas cruising
Cruising with cute sunset cruise with my amigos
3 euros for this bucket of beers
Canary Island street zones
My roommate Sam Strachan somehow cruising
Flipping at some cute Fronton.  Frame:  Riraw
Pristine beach zones
Cool artwork zones on the BBall court
Spex showing us how its done
Cafe soloing in zonsing
Epic dinner with good friends
Ayesha bakes some good zones
Getting tropical
A nice Confital flip
DK sahhhh!  Frames:  Javier
La Guancha color zones
Boogied this wedge zone for the first time.  Sick wave zone
One of the best all you can eat zone
Choke shrimp with shell and head eat um
They built a nice walkway for Fronty.
Jelly fish zones
La Guancha shred sesh reverse.  Frame:  Javier
Spex getting da clips with his gopro back mount

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Biggest move top 5

            I know I didn't land it, but I'm very stoked and thankful to be nominated for one of the biggest moves in 2013 for Riptides peer poll:) mahalo everyone!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Canary Islands update #1

               After about 3 days and 2 nights of traveling I've made it safely to the Canary Islands.  I've been here for about 2 days now and I'm loving it.  I always love coming here and to stay with a bunch of legends is like icing on the cake.  I am staying with a good friend from here Ale Barbosa, Sacha Specker, his gf (who takes awesome photos) Ayesha Makim, and grom guy Sam Strachan.  It's been good times already.  We ate at this buffet zone called WOK zone, got some cute fun waves at Fronton zone, ate good food zones, drinking cafe solos in zone, and enjoyed a fire work show in zone.  Today is pretty small so we are cruising in zone.  haha so much zone, but I'm loving life in the Canary Island ZONE!!!!  Can't wait till it starts pumping, which looks like soon.  Stay posted on my blogg zone for more updates on my trip.  Life is good!  Enjoy the photos below.  aloha and mahalo!
Sunset over the Hawaiian islands.  On route to JFK.
A beautiful sunrise from the airplane over NYC shrimp
Cruised in JFK airport zones from sunrise to sunset.  das good i let
Another NY sunsetch
Saying Aloha to NY JFK zonesch
Straight off the plane and into this big feed zone.  Double steak azz good for dis Hawaiian.
had shrimp swimming in dis chocolate.  i eat um while they jumped
Cafe soloing
Cute pink reverse.  Photo:  Ayesha Makim
Pink shrimp flip.  Photo:  Ayesha Makim
Shrimp pink flip.  Photo:  Ayesha Makim
Beard looking like a shrimp tail.  Photo:  Ayesha Makim
Staying nice and warm with my NVCTA sweater.  Photo:  Ayesha Makin
Fireworking showing from zoning.  
Met this epic fan!  Canary Island love!