Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Maui and Oahu

              It's been a great February!  I've been going back and forth from Maui to Oahu to cruise with good friends, work, surf, watch the Lion King with my family, and to compete in the APB Pipeline Bodyboard contest.  I also been training a lot leading up to the contest on Oahu.  I've been running and doing lots of core work outs.  I felt great mentally and physically going into the event and free surfing on the North Shore.  
                One of the highlights being on Oahu was watching the Lion King at the Blaisdell with my Mom, dad, and niece Alyza.  It was the best live show I've ever watched and it even gave me chicken skin.  Their choreography was insane and their singing was amazing!  
                Two of the biggest legends and the guy behind No.6 came over to Maui as well to present our new technology for our boards the "skintec" to the stores there.  Jarrod Gibbson (head shaper for AGIT) and Mark Dale (No.6 guy) where working super hard island hopping and showcasing our new technology.  They took a break and we even scored a fun surf sesh at my home zones.  My JROM LTD No.6 model with the new skintec technology will be available in stores in a week or so.  They work insane!!!!!  
                Last, but not the least, the 2014 APB Pipeline contest was awesome.  I ended up tying for 7th overall with a semifinal finish.  On paper I had some tough heats, but I know and believe that I can beat anyone in a heat.  It was insane competing against the best in the world and I'm very stoked with my performance and result.  Congratulations to Ben Player, David Hubbard, and Lily Pollard on winning.  
              Thank you everyone for the support!  I am grateful and appreciate everything.  I feel like 2014 will be a great year and I am excited!  Also, to my sponsors No.6 Bodyboards, The Foam Company, NVCTA Clothing, SURGE Wax, Da Secret Sauce, Reeflex Wetsuits, and DaKine.  I love you all!!!!!  Aloha and Mahalo!  Life is good :)  

Cruising Sandy Beach with good friends Ray Collins and Phil Galagher
Watched my good friend Brody bomb hills.  He's going 44 mph btw in this photo.
Running in the valley with my bro and brody
Beautiful sunrises from home
Playing in the yard with my nephew Paxton
I love him so much
Secret Valentines
Ate at Bubba Gump shrimp with my family and got choke shrimps with different style kinds
Simple life
Free surf reverse at OTW.  Photo:  Alex Perez
Cute dis faka.  Photo:  Alex Perez
Barrel time.  Photo:  Alex Perez
My new JROM LTD Skintec No.6 board models will be available very soon
eating more shrimp fancy kinds, but this time at Genki Sushi
Legends Jarrod Gibbson and Mark Dale.
Went for a hike at home with my brother and Brody
Up in the clouds
Hike um in shet barefoot
guy and zone
flipping cutely at OTW
My dad, mom, Alyza, and I all smiles before the Lion King.  So excited
T&C's go big promo at Alamoana was insane.  So much people.  it was epic 
It's all about the kids and giving back to the community.  So stoked to put smiles on kids faces :)
No.6 maui guys with legends Jay and Vicki Reale and there family
OOOOOOOo tek shet after dis acai bowl.  Haleiwa bowls
No.6 taking over
Coffee love
Fancy corona commercial shoot
Day 2 of the APB Pipeline comp
Tek fancy photos
My first heat.  Pipe wave.  Photo:  Mike Kini
Day 3
Inverting at OTW while the Pipe comp was going on.  Photo:  Deon
Pau zgood zhow zy.  Photo:  Deon
Eat um
Ben Player getting lifted up to the zone.  Congrats guy
Cute invert guy during my semi heat.  PHoto:  Jordan Stallard
Enjoyed an epic hike before leaving back to Maui home zones on Oahu.  Mahalo to the Lampheres for taking care like always. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

MRod Media

               My good friend Marcus Rodrigues has been shooting video for awhile now, but now has a passion for shooting photos and capturing insane scenery with his drone.  He still shoots a lot of video and we have a project that we are working together with that will be epic.  Below are some of his recent works around our island home MAUI!!!!  You can find more of his epic photos on his Facebook MRod Media also on his instagram @mrod_media give him a like and follow.  Mahalo to all of you for the support and to my good friend Marcus Rodrigues for all of the aloha!!!!!