Thursday, October 17, 2013

Oahu warm up

               Wow Oahu has been amazing!  I came here last week Friday in search for waves to warm up for the Encanto Pro, hang out with some friends, and just enjoy the good times on Oahu.  I stayed with my good friend Alan Lamphere and he and his family always take care of me and I couldn't be more thankful.  Also, Keoni Haina took some really cool photos of our sessions and also did the drive to North Shore and back where we surfed 4 days straight.  The waves were really fun and it was epic to catch up with some old friends and share some waves and laughs.  We were blessed with waves and amazing sunsets.  It was insane!
                 I am leaving for Puerto Rico today and I couldn't be more pumped!  I'll be staying with a bunch of Hawaiians and I'm ready and amped to compete.  Thank you everyone for the support!  Below are some photos of my nice Oahu warm up.  Follow Keoni Haina on his instagram @epiphany_keoni Also, thank you to my sponsors The No.6 Bodyboards, The Foam Company, NVCTA, Dasecret Sauce, Reeflex Wetsuits, and SURGE Wax.  Mahalo and Aloha!  Life is good!

Aloha Oahu.  @epiphany_keoni
Inverting at Rockies.  Photo:  Joeseph Nishiyama
Puinsai OTW.  Photo:  @epiphany_keoni
Big ramp coming my way.  PHoto:  @epiphany_keoni
Good times at my first volley ball game
Post boogie session grinds.  Lanikai juice. so good
Cute sandy beach
Found allkine sunrise shells
Air reverse sequence by Zach Dela Cruz
Alan and I sharing a moment at Sandy Beach Photo:  @epiphany_keoni

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Maui. No place like home!

            This is the longest I have ever cruises at home in 5 years somehow, but it's a nice change and I love being home.  There hasn't been an IBA contest in awhile so I took advantage of that and stayed home and soaked up all of Maui zones for sure with my family and friends.  I've been going on hikes, enjoying waterfalls, salt water pools, good food, doing lots of fitness, eating shrimp, drinking coffee, doing allkines and enjoying allkines!  Maui is my home and it's where my heart is!  
             I will be leaving tomorrow till the end of the month on some cute trips and I'm excited to start traveling again!  Below are just some of Mauis magical zones.  Enjoy the photos and I hope everyone has been having good times!  Life is good :)  
Salt water pool zones
oooo da pretty this zone
selfie guy bday guy
my bro and good friends enjoying zone guy
Went on a solo hike in Waihe'e
With shoes
Maui no ka oi
Enjoying responsibly on my Birthday
Shrimp on my bday
Wine from chile ono 
Birthday dinner
We eat um all!
Cheers to another amazing year ahead :)
Healthy trying for ack
See I told you Maui is pristine.  No filter
Training with my younger bro jonah!
Hiking to twin falls with my good grom friend Cordon!
Cordon taking the jump
My sister in law Mary, Paxton, and Alyza
Hes one happy boy
He likes to pull on uncles beard as well.
Art mixx zone at the MACC
My friend ryan and his new friend
Interesting, but fun night
New Invicta shorts are sick!
No sugar no cream required
My sister in law Mary made the news paper
Powered by Kombucha!
Healthy guy
Fitness guy
Jonah biking.  Triathlete guy
Cruising with this grom again!
Da best banana bread
Cordon jump
guy jump tek shet while jump
jumping in da shrimp trap