Sunday, October 5, 2014


               The last event on the APB tour was held at Portugal about 2 weeks ago and it was nothing, but epic times.  It was my first time going back to Portugal since 2010 so I was really excited for this trip.  Coming into the event I was ranked 18th and needed a decent result to hit that top 16 ranking.  This is a ranking that I've dreamt about when I started Bodyboarding competitively.  The contest had some fun waves and everyone was ripping.  I ended up tying for 9th in the event and it was a nice result to bump me up to 12th in the world for the end of the year rankings.  This goal means so much to me because I've been through a lot, worked so hard, made so much sacrifices, and to finally be in the top 16 is an amazing feeling.  I always believed in myself and never gave up.  This ranking will put me in a better seeding to accomplish my other goals such as being top 10 or being the world champion in 2015.  Congratulations to my good friend Dave Hubbard for winning the Open Mens division and binging home the DK 2014 World to Hawaii.  So stoked!
                Portugal is amazing!  The people are really friendly and the landscapes are insane.  I've met so much awesome people and made many friends.  The locals there really took care of me and I hope I can do the same if they ever come to Maui.  Thank you to everyone in Portugal for all of the support and love.  I really felt like I was at home and I know I will be back there next year.  See you all soon :)
                I am now at home enjoying life.  Now that the tour is over and it is winter time here in Hawaii, I am going to relax and have fun with my family and friends at my home zones as well as boogie a lot and releasing some Hawaii winter podcasts.  
Landing In Portugal.
My Portuguese friend Luis came to pick me up from the airport and took me to Praia Grande.  Such a legend
First sunset
Second sunset
Such a beautiful place to stay in Praia Grande.  Amazing family and good times here
Fancy hotel
Poe.  Jared and Natashas baby girl
Another beautiful sunset
Some good cake
Reversing in my first heat.  PC:  Javier Fleitas
More grinds
My view from my room
Family dinners every night.  Thank you Isabel and family :)
Tristan, Isabel, and I.  
Invert.  PC:  Javier Fleitas
DUBB is da man!
World Champ Amaury Laverhne
Cruising Sintra town
Good desert
Two of the biggest legends in Portugal.  Mahalo to Luis and Gancalo for taking care of me.  
The champ 
Final top 16 rankings