Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Maui for a couple nights

After my Australia and Bali trip I came home to recharge my batteries and relax with my family and friends.  Whenever I travel I miss home so much and it was the best feeling in the world stepping off of that plane and onto Hawaii soil.  While at home I try to spend as much time with my family and Kolohe, enjoying great times together eating allkines, BBQing allkines, and smiling allkines.  Even though I was home only for a couple of nights, I try to cherrish every moment for sure because I would rather spend a second, minute, hour, or day here at home then not be here at all.  This is where my heart is and will always be.  I am now off the the airport leaving on my 3 month trip to allkine zones.  My first stop is going to be in NJ for the USBA contest next week.  I am amped and ready.  I will be back home sometime in December and it was great to come home even for a couple nights.  Thank you everyone for the support!  aloha!  Life is good!
Airplane view of the Westside of Oahu
This guy was happy to see me :)
Went to visit The Foam Company.  They always have deals every month so be sure to check them out in the Maui Mall and support.
Allkine stuff for buy.  tanks ah!
Papayas in the zone
BBQ times with the family is always the best.
I love food
Kolohe boy cruising on my lap or begging for food.  haha.
Breakfast for hags
Rainbow zones
Iao zones 
Kolohe Boy
My best friend
More food zone, but healthy zone for the zone
This mornings sunrise driving to Paia to meet up with my brother, Rusti, and Kyle before they rode their bikes to Haleakala.
Another cool sunrise shot
My younger brother is an animal.  Triathlete guy!  Couldn't be a prouder older brother!  

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Australia and Bali

         It's been awhile since I last updated my blogg zone, but a lot has been going on and yes "Life is Good" still for sure for guy hags :)  My last update was photos from a fun surf in Australia that was taken by Mitch Fong.  After that session I've been busy working with Sullyvision for a podcast that will be out in a couple of weeks for TURBO Bodyboards.  I've viewed the final product and I'm stoked how it came out.
         Kingy, Lester, and I did this video shoot for the new TURBO range that will be out very soon.  I'm pretty sure the new range will be out in the next couple weeks as well and let me tell you that this range is the sickest one yet from TURBO.  All of the boards look insane so make sure to get one especially my model zone if you wanna fly to the moon.  I'm just saying.  haha.
         On my last day in Australia.  Glenn Sullivan took me on his ski to do some tow outs which was my first time doing.  Mitch Fong came along as well to take some photos and got some cool ones of me.  The conditions or waves weren't really good for towing out, but we still had a go.  I really want to do some tows in some bigger beachies and fly for sure.  I got it down in like the 3rd try which was good :)  I was super stoked for sure.
        The past 10 days the TURBO crew of Ray Collins, Sam Strachan, Elliot Morales, Glen Sullivan, and I have been in Bali, Indonesia.  We went there not planning on getting swell or anything, but we did get some fun waves.  We also had a great time enjoying the food, bintangs, warm weather, water, smells, stink smells, piglet dog, orphanage groms, and just cruising.  The last day was the best day for surf.  Glen Sullivan was on it and got some good footage that you'll be able to see sometime somehow this year zone.  
        I'm back at home now enjoying family and friend times, but will be gone to another zone soon somehow.  Click "like" on my Fan Page to view more photos from my trips and future trips or just keep  this page as a favorite for my blogg zone updates :) Life is good!!!!!!!!  aloha
Kingy and Lester behind the scenes of the TURBO video shoot
Hags with his 2013 board model
Behind the scenes with hags
Skate guy
Striking a pose before towing out in the zone
Waving bye to all of the boys in Cronulla for showing me a good time and giving me some waves.
Last dinner in Cronulla with friends
Reverse tow out.  Photo:  Mitch Fong
Another reverse tow out zone.  Photo:  Mitch Fong
Bali off the back jack shet.  Frame:  Glen Sullivan
Hags, Elliot, and Sam Strachan zones.  Photo:  Glen Sullivan
Nice and warm zone guy.  Photo:  Glen Sullivan
Ninja straight leg flip at keramas.  Photo:  Cameron Green
Hags and zone Collins
Hags, Strach dog, Collins zones at our pad zones 
Showing the boys that hags can play pool
Ninja guy
Wot and Strachan
Our Villa zone.  Mahalo to Mr. Strachan for the zone
Brock Lesnar carrying Rampage Jackson
Mie goreang
Banana Pancake in the zone
Kite competition
Prisitne in the zone
This was my highlight of the trip hanging out with the orphanage kids :)
Didn't see one sunset zone in Bali
Breakfast for strong hag
The boys getting ready to have a surf with the orphanage groms
This collage was put together by Ray Collins of  our fun surf with the groms.   You can now follow him on insta zone

Getting a massage
BBQ Bali style

Seafood date night
Wear big mask protect face zone
Fruit zone

Cow zone

Zone in zone

Pizza guy

coconut hag

Bye bali