Thursday, September 29, 2011

2012 TURBO Romero board model clip.

TURBO Bodyboards presents my 2012 board model podcast. In stores now. Go and get one and support somehow. :) thank you for the support everyone! aloha

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hana getaway.

This past weekend my family and I went to Hana to relax and share some good times together. My brother Jonah is leaving for the Navy this Sunday so we wanted to enjoy family time together. My parents rented out this awesome place for us and we played board games, cards, drank, and ate some amazing food. We also went swimming at a very cool zone, but we mostly just hung out at the place and cruised. Robin and I went night fishing one night and we somehow caught a fish. It's been a while since I went night fishing and we were stoked to catch a little Cardinal fish(rubbish fish). Family means everything to me and this past weekend in Hana was one of the best vacations I've had with my family for sure. I wouldn't be the person who I am today without my family. Love your family! aloha! Life is good :)
Rusti, Jonah, my mom and dad, Robin and I eating our first dinner there.
Robin ready to eat. My mom and dad made dinner this night and they made a seafood all you can eat kind of thing. So much good food.
Pristine beach somehow.
This is where we stayed for the weekend. We had the whole second story somehow.
Pretty sick stairway to our sleeping zone.
Robin in bed.
Robin and I.
Family photo before breakfast.
Jonah and Rusti was in charge of Saturday breakfast and they cooked some really good bagel sandwiches with some delicious fruit.
Robin and I at the swimming zone.
Everyone swimming in the pond.
Robin and I was in charge of Saturday dinner and we made some pasta with ceasar salad.
Guy hags night fishing.
Playing train the board game.
My mom watching the fish in the fish pond.
My mom and dad.

Amazing family! Missing Josh, Mary, Alyza, Chessa, and Kolohe.

Monday, September 26, 2011

East Coast, USA clip.

Jacob Romero East Coast, USA 2011 from Jacob Romero on Vimeo.

Bodyboarded two fun sessions while I was on the East Coast of the USA. One in New Jersey and one in North Carolina. The waves were small, but still a lot of fun. Sorry about the quality of footage in the North Carolina section. My friend never had an HD camera somehow. Aloha and mahalo for the support :) Life is good! Enjoy.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Couple new clips from BOOGIE NATION!

My good friends from BOOGIE NATION put together a couple new clips from New Jersey. The first clip is highlights from the USBA Jenks pro 2011 which was held in Seaside and the second clip is BOOGIE NATIONS VS Hurricane Irene. Check them out. aloha and mahalo for the support!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Get your copy of "Shacks and Shakas" now!

Shacks and Shakas is finally out and on DVD. You can now purchase a copy of the DVD online at
or go to The Foam Company on Maui located across from the pet shop.

Also, Koa Lopes from Innavision has a single out called "Shacks and Shakas" that he made just for this video. You can purchase this epic song online on iTunes.

This past Friday and Saturday was the world premieres of "Shacks and Shakas" and they went off. The first one was at Charleys Paia for the 21 and overs and Saturday was at Iao Valley and this premiere was for the youth plus it was free. There were great turnouts for both premieres and it was good times for sure. I just wanted to say thank you to Marcus Rodrigues and Mike Kini for putting together one of the best Bodyboarding films I've ever watched and also supporting all of the Bodyboarders. It's a must see movie for sure. So if you don't have a copy, you should def go out and get one. Mahalos and aloha for the support. Here are some photos from the premieres.

Iao Valley premiere. Stoked groms.

Beeg Todd with Marcus Rodrigues.

"Landlord" with the man of the night, Marcus(director, editor, producer of the film) Missing Mike Kini(editor)
Eli, Beeg Todd, and I.
The crowd at Charleys.
The man behind Shacks and Shakas.
Group photo of the boys and ladies.
Beeg todd and I.
My mom, pops, Rusti, and jones came out to support.
Rick nation and I.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Virginia Beach Somehow.

This past weekend Nic Drose and I drove to Virginia Beach from New Jersey. We were already in New Jersey and I was planning a road trip to Virginia Beach to visit my brother Josh, Mary, Alyza, Tasha, and Travis. My brother guys moved there about 4 or 5 months ago and Travis is stationed there in the Navy with his wife Natasha. The drive was about 7 hours and 30 mins each way. It was a long drive, but well worth it. We got to my brothers place at 3am Saturday morning. On Saturday we all ended up going to the Outer Banks for some fun boogie sessions, cruising, BBQing, and having good times. I was really amped to see some fun 2ft peaky waves. We had a great time bodyboarding, eating some grinds, having a couple of beers, and enjoying family time. The next day we ate some lunch at The Jewish Mother. My friend pro Bodyboarder Ricky Miller owns the place with his family and invited us to come over and try the food. The food was really good and it was cool to catch up with Ricky. If you live in the Virginia Beach area you should try out his restaurant for sure. So much good food for reasonable prices. After eating lunch we cruised the Virginia Beach boardwalk. It was cool to see and hang out for sure. Nic and I ended up leaving Sunday night around 8pm and got back to Newark, NJ around 4am Monday morning just in time to catch our flight back home to Maui. I wish I could've spent more time with my brother guys, but I know i'll be back soon for sure. I'm at home now and loving life. Life is good :) aloha

group photo at the Outer Banks.

Josh, Mary, Tasha, Travis, Alyza, me, and Nic at the Outer Banks.

Ricky Miller and I at his restaurant called "The Jewish Mother".

Josh, Ricky, and I somehow.

Group photo at lunch.

Josh and I on the boardwalk in front of the Poseidon statue.

Alyza and I with Poseidon somehow.

Monday, September 12, 2011

New Jersey 9/9/11 Invert Sequence.

Here is a Invert sequence my friend Willie Barrio shot in Belmar, New Jersey on September 9, 2011. Probably one of the sickest sessions I've had on the East Coast :) I'm on my way home now and can't wait for some good times. Check out Willie Barrios website at

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shacks and Shakas DVDs!!!!!

Shacks and Shakas is finally here on DVD. The world premiere will be this Friday September 16 at Charley's Paia, Maui. You can purchase a copy then or after the premiere. Go to Marcus's vimeo page for all of the info you need on the premiere and how to get a copy for yourself. Also, check out the trailer. It's going to be crazy!!!!! Can't wait! I'll see everyone this Friday at the premiere aloha!
Marcus's vimeo link.


Back cover.

Shacks and Shakas.

DVD art by Klot War media.

Shacks and Shakas Bodyboarding World Premiere from Kanaka Kai Films on Vimeo.

Couple new boards.

I'm amped on my new boards this year. Here's a photo of my boards that TURBO is sending through. Thanks to Glenn Taylor for shaping these. I ride the same exact boards you see in the stores. Check them out. aloha

New Jersey fun.

I've been in New Jersey for the last couple of weeks now and it's been good times. I'm leaving tomorrow and I enjoyed my time here in New Jersey. It was my 6th time here. I have some awesome friends and they take care of me for sure. Tom, Pat, Rob and his dad Bob are legends for sure. Thank you to everyone in New Jersey for showing me a good time. I love it here! See you guys all next year:) aloha

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SURGE 3.0 cover released.

My boy Kona Kuailani getting the cover of the new SURGE 3.0 mag that will drop soon. He's been ripping for years now and is finally getting the coverage he deserves. So stoked and proud of you kones! see you at home. this winter is on guy! dooooo this! aloha!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Video clips of the Open and DK finals of the Jenks Pro 2011.

Here are a couple of clips from the finals of the DK and Open finals of the Jenks Pro 2011. Both clips are brought to you by the guys at Boogie Nation. aloha

USBA 2011 Jenks Drop Knee from Boogie Nation on Vimeo.

USBA 2011 Jenks Pro Final from Boogie Nation on Vimeo.