Monday, December 17, 2012

Fronton Pro and mahalo Gran Canaria!

       WOW!!!!!!!!  What an insane contest.  I reckon that this comp was the best ever and I'm proud to say that I'm a bodyboarder.  The level of riding was next level.  Everyone was putting their life on the line on the last day when it was 8-10ft.  I've never seen this kind of riding in any event.  It was next level stuff.  I am blown away and still buzzing from the comp.  
     Coming into this contest I knew that I needed to make the finals to qualify for the top 24 of the GSS world tour next year.  After Nick Ormerod made the semis and lost I did the math and i needed now to place 3rd or higher in the finals of the trials.  I knew it wasn't going to be easy because the locals here in the Canary Islands rip super hard and ride Fronton so good.  On top of that there were other riders from around the world that came here to qualify for the main event and get some GQS points as well.  This was the toughest trials this year i'm pretty sure.  During my first heat of the trials I completed my first invert to air reverse in a contest.  I was stoked and I think that move gave me a lot of momentum and confidence going into all of my heats.  I ended up making the finals of the trials and placing 3rd gaining enough points to qualify for the top 24 of the GSS world tour next year.  This was one of my biggest dreams and goals that I set out for myself and I'm super stoked that this dream and goal became a reality that day!  It really hasn't hit me yet, but when i come home and enjoy this moment with my family and friends i'm pretty sure it will hit me then.  It took me about 3 years to finally qualify and I always believed that I would do it one day.  Dream, set goals, believe in yourself, enjoy, have fun, and anything is possible!  I want to thank each and everyone of you that have supported me in anyway.  I know that I did this for me, but this qualification is for all of you guys as well!!!!!!  Without the support I wouldn't be able to do this i'm pretty sure.  Also, a huge thank you to my sponsors TURBO Bodyboards, The Foam Company, Flipmode Clothing, and SURGE Wax!  I've had so many ups and downs in my life and a lot of sacrifices I've had to make to be in this position I am in right now and I'm stoked!!!!!  So thank you so much everyone!!!!!!!!!  Words can't express how I'm feeling right now.  I just can't stop smiling!  Life is amazing :)  Be happy and enjoy.  mahalo everyone!  Below are some photos from the contest.
         Also, BIG CONGRATS to my good friend Jeff Hubbard for winning the 2012 world title!!!!!  It was a crazy last day and stressful at times, but at the end he became the champ.  I couldn't be more proud and stoked for him!  
       Another thank you to the locals here in the Canary Islands for the hospitality and being so nice and sharing your waves with us.  I enjoyed my month here and i'm stoked!    Also, to Mark Mcarthy, Cobus Bosman, and Nick Ormerod.  Such an epic crew to be cruising with.  A lot of good times were had and I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store.  I'm ready and frothing.  Time to go home and enjoy.  aloha

Smoothie guy
Green superfood zone strong
Evening run in zone
I'll miss this board.
Just one of the million beauty sunsets we've seen on this trip

Motivation guy for the kids guy
2012 world champ, hags, and Paul Benco sharing a moment
An emotional world champ
BOOM Kanaz!
One last Fronty check
Pristine zones
Galdar zone
Cafe soloing
Seamus and I talking about zones
After party festivities with Riraw Production entertainment
Barrels & Beers & Beards & Afro
Manny, Ayesha, Spex, Jubb, and guy in back
Good times!
BBQ for Seamus's BDAY!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Canary Islands Update

      The past 9 days or so since I last updated my blogg have been epic.  There were pumping waves for the first week i've been here.  I surfed twice a day everyday somehow.  Jeff Hubb and Mark Mcarthy arrived last week and unfortunately the waves went bad.  Well not bad, there were still waves, but it was windy and stormy.  We still got to surf mostly everyday.  We moved into our new zone which is sick.  Its a full on apartment with two stories somehow.  Mark Mcarthy has been cooking epic dinners for the boys and we've been enjoying.  We are staying right by the ocean so when it's been flat Mark, Cobus and I have been snorkeling and checking out some pristine caves here.  It's beautiful here in the Canaries.  Epic sunsets, waves, beaches, sun, nice temperature, good friends, and good times.  I'm loving it besides the crowds which are insane.  Today there were about 57 people in the water and 30+ on land waiting to go out.  It's crazy, but it's all good.  The local riders here totally kill it.  It's epic to watch.  I'm still having a good time.  Below are some photos of taken in and out of the water.  Thank you to Riraw, Alejandro, and Cayetano for the photos and frame grabs.  Tomorrow is the first day of the waiting period.  Trials will be going out and i'm feeling good and ready to compete.  Aloha and mahalo for the support everyone!
Reverse.  Frame:  Alejandro
Reverse.  Frame:  Riraw
Reverse.  Frame:  Riraw 
Invert.  Photo:  Cayetano
zone.  Photo:  Cayetano
Reverse.  Photo:  Cayetano
Drop.  Frame:  Riraw
Sunsets from our kitchen window.  
Bus times
Couple Saffas touching each other.  
Another epic sunset.
Just one of our epic dinners Mark Mcarthy cooks up
Cave guy
Cave guy

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Canary Islands

 I've arrived to the Canary Islands safely.  After about a day and a half of traveling I made it to the zone.  I had a layover in New York, Madrid, and then finally to the Canaries.  My good friend Richard Lornie  and Shaun Pyne picked me up from the airport.  The first night I stayed with one of the coolest locals here and legend for sure Ale Barbosa.  He rips and charges fronton.  The next morning Cobus Bosman(photographer and good friend) and I moved into our new zone for the next 5 days in Galdar until we move in with Jeff and Mark Mcarthy on Monday.  It's a sick zone and it's only a 10 minute walk to Fronton and a couple minute walk to some other sick waves to boogie.  We've been surfing everyday.  There has been some sick days at Fronton and a big gnarly day that I didn't even want to paddle out.  The locals here rip super hard and rush.  It's mental and amazing to watch.  I've been enjoying my time here and having good times for sure.  Check out some of the photos below of my Canary Islands trip so far.  aloha

This view never gets old.  On my way to Madrid, Spain
ARSing in Madrid airport.
On my way to Gran Canaria
The view from Ale's house.  Epic zone
First session at Fronton.  Small, but still good waves
Big squid zones in market
Galdar zones
Espresso machine.  A must here in the Canary Islands for sure
Galdar mountain zone
Our apartment living zone for 5 days
DK world champ and GQS qualifier Sacha Specker getting fancy with the epic color houses
Fancy red box zone
This was the big gnarly day.  This photo doesn't do it justice.
Richie guy is cruising somehow

La Guancha.  Photo:  Cayetano

Fronton.  Frame:  Riraw Prod
Fronton.  Photo:  Cayetano