Thursday, March 28, 2013

Two New Podcasts

        Here are a couple of new podcasts of me somehow.  The first one is brought to you by Da Secret Sauce.  It's a long one, but a very good one if you want to know more about me and how I got to where I am at today in my Bodyboarding career.  Also, you can support me by purchasing a "Team Jacob" Da six pack and half of the money goes to help me on the IBA GSS Tour for 2013.  Here is the link Team Jacob "Da six pack"
        The second podcast is from my home zones Maui.  It was shot and edited by Pure Digital Maui.  It was from one session at Honolua Bay.  It's a pretty cool clip.  Check it out.  mahalo and thanks again for all of the support!  Life is good!

Da Secret Sauce Presents Jacob Romero from Rex Vs on Vimeo.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Robb Mack visits Maui

        My good friend from New Jersey spent the last 10 days here on Maui and it was epic times for sure.  This was his first trip to Hawaii and we saw the whole island of Maui and did things that some people who live on Maui never done before.  I've known Robb for about 6 or 7 years and I always stay with him when I'm in New Jersey for the USBA contest so it was nice to show him around my home zones and play tour guide for the Haole.  haha jk :)
        Some of the activities on my tour guide during Robbs stay was watching the sunrise on the top of Haleakala, adventuring in Hana then driving all the way around Kaupo side, playing tourist at front street then driving around the west side of Maui by Kahakuloa(so we basically drove around the whole island), snorkeling with a cute turtle, fishing on the boat and seeing big whales cruise by our boat about 10 feet away, BBQing allkines foods, boogied Honolua, Hookipa, Mamas fish house, Pakuz, Harbor, Ledges, and Paia Bay, jumped in Iao Valley about 3 times, ate allkine hawaiian food, went to Twin Falls, laughed, smiled, had good times, and there's probably more things we did, but they were all epic memories.
       He's leaving today for Oahu and will be staying there till April 1 then he's back to New Jersey.  It's been an epic time here on Maui sharing some of the pristine home zones with Robb that I've grown up to love and enjoyed my whole life.  Below are a bunch of photos of Robbs visit.  Have a great day everyone :)  Life is Beautiful!
P.S.  The photos are all anykine not in order, but enjoy.  haha.
My tour guide transportation
All smiles fishing on the North Shore
On the road to Hana with Kimbo hags.
Deep sea Honu diving.
Robb at Red Sand Beach
Robb getting all fancy at 7 sacred pools
Iao cleanse
Secret Makena zone
A beautiful sunset from Big beach zone
Robb, Jonah, and guy in Iao zone
An epic sunrise from my house
Jonah getting the shot of Robb and I getting the shot of jonah and robb
Pristine Honomanu
Wainapanapa caves
Maui love
7 sacred pools
Red sand beach
Driving around Hana towards Kaupo
Ululanis Shave ice in Lahaina
Green Buzz bowl from Choice Health Bar
Ululanis shave ice
Big zone
Driving around the Westside toward Kahakuloa
All cold during the sunrise guy
Pristine sunrise on the top of Haleakala
Secret blow heart in Iao Valley
Robb enjoying the view
Snorkel adventures
another sunrise from my zone
Boat fishing with my mom, pop, jonah, and robb
My boy
Jonah and my mom fishing.  
Robb and Jonah on the boat
Our boat is named after my mom :)
Another Iao dip with the family
Our cute catch from the boat fishing trip
Robb making fire
Steak for days
The harbs.  Robb on a nice one.
My brother is a great cook as well.
My favorite wave in the world this morning
Hags barrel.  No leash, no leash for Gopro, hold um in my hand no problem.  haha
Robb on a nice one
Cordon on a nice sized one
Robb cruising zones .  Epic
Cordon enjoying ledges with no one out.
Photo guy for our session.  A nice view of Waiehu!