Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hagastand Sequence

Here is a sequence of my hagastand somehow.  This move isn't serious, it's just a fun thing I like to do.  This was sequence was shot at Honolua Bay this past winter by Shea Sevilla.  aloha and mahlo

Thursday, April 26, 2012


It's live!!!!!!  Check out SURGE 5.0 with tons of bodyboarding photos and interviews.  I have an interview in there called "Balance" which Evan Fa did a really good job on and I'm very happy how it came out.  Click on the link .  Thanks for the support everyone!!!!  aloha and mahalo!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bye Robin

         Robin has left for the Navy and I couldn't be more proud and happy for her.  She is a very strong individual and I know she will do great things.  She will be in Chicago for the next 2 months for boot camp.  Then after she graduates from boot camp she will be in Chicago for another 6 months for her schooling.  It should be very exciting times for sure. 
         Saying good bye yesterday was very hard for the both of us.  I've said a lot of good byes before at the airport, but this one was probably the hardest.  It's all good now though.  I know she is very strong and so am I and we will be good for sure.  She will be doing her thing in the Navy while I leave for Chile in a couple of days and will be Bodyboarding and enjoying allkines all over the world :)    
         Below are some photos of Robin's last couple of days here on Maui.  It's been an amazing time for sure, but now it's time for a change.  Change is good and I believe this will be great for the both of us.  Life is amazing and I love it!!!!!  You never know what life has in store for you and that's why you just need to enjoy every single moment it has to offer.  You only live once so go explore, have fun, smile, be positive, happy, and just enjoy and soak everything in.  aloha everyone!
Sunset in Wailea

Mulligans in Wailea somehow
Fancy dinner zones.
Our last date night on Maui somehow before Robin left
Pristine food
Choke fire on our crem brulle.  My favorite
Garage sale on Saturday.  Robin's sister Sarah cruising security guard with her skateboard
Robin and her mom at her going away party
Robin's last dinner night at the house.  Wine, good food, and good company = good times.
Blue Pincher crab zones
Frying Nabeta's
BBQ zones
Airport times
Robin's mom Michael, Robin, Rusti, mom, Jonah, and hags
Stacey, Michael, Rusti, Kapena, mom, dad, hags, and Robin's dad Sixto.  
Robin and I.  This was our last photo together on Maui, but more to come in the future for sure.    Love you :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

SUP guy hags

Yesterday Robin and I went SUPing somehow.  It was a nice sunny beautiful day for sure!  We went to Lahaina and paddled around a little and was lucky enough to see some dolphins cruising by us.  Sorry no photos of the dolphins, but it was exciting.  It's getting closer to the date when Robin leaves to start her new journey in life, but as for now we are enjoying Maui zones for sure :)  We are having a garage sale tomorrow (Saturday from 7-12pm) at Robins house in Waiehu Terrace.  Allkine stuff for sale.  Hags will maybe sell a board, some fins, clothing, and a full suit somehow.  aloha! 

Robin SUPing
SUP guys hags
Guy hags in the deep blues chouting allkine animals
Attempting to take a photo under water with Robin
Shaka with nose bubble

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hana zones

More adventuring around Maui with Robin.  This time we went to Hana and drove all the way around somehow.  It was a beautiful day for sure.  We packed some sandwiches and drinks and had lunch at Hamoa Beach.  I took my Gopro out and tried to get some photos of barrels somehow.  I need to work on that, but it was super fun.  Robin has exactly one more week here on Maui and I am sure we are going to enjoy this last week together :)  Life is good!  aloha and mahalo
The beautifullest bay on Maui for sure
Keane zones.  
Lunch at Hamoa Beach somehow.  Robin grinding a Chili bowl.
Photo:  Hags
Trying to get all fancy.  
Barreling somehow
Bad timing and couldn't fit in the barrel 
Driving around the zone.  Heading towards Kaupo zone.
Somewhere along Kaupo cruising on rocks

Friday, April 13, 2012

Awesome hike with Robin and Kolohe

Robin, Kolohe, and I went on a hike to the Windmills on the West Maui Mountains this morning.  It was awesome because it was our first time there for all three of us.  Plus, we took Kolohe and he was super excited because he doesn't really get to go anywhere else besides walks in Waiehu.  The trail of the hike is called Pali to Lahaina trail.  We stopped and turned around once we hit the windmills.  Those things are huge.  It was an awesome way to start the morning and we are feeling great :)  Life is good!  aloha and mahalo
Beautiful views
Kolohe soaking up the view as well
Blooming over everyone
Kolohe Boy
Hags, Robin, and I in front of the windmill zones
Pristine zones
Good times :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Sunday and A Little Get Away

I've been having a good time cruising and hanging out at home since Australia.  This past Sunday I went to Church for Easter and for my cousin Travis' and his wife Natasha's baby daughters(Lily) baptism.  It was nice to see all of my cousins and family for sure.  Plus, it was good to go to church again :)  Yesterday, Robin and I went on a little get away to Kaanapali.  We spent the night there and had a great time.  My aunty hooked us up with a room at Kaanapali Beach Hotel which was beautiful.  We had dinner at Kobe Japanese Steakhouse and it was super good.  It was our first time there so it was a treat for sure.  Maui's been amazing and I love it!!!  It's good to re-charge and relax before heading to Chile.  Plus, spending lots of time with Robin is amazing.  Life is good :)  aloha

My cousins and brother Jonah
Easter guy hags with Robin
My backyard is a relaxing zone for sure
Our room at Kaanapali Beach Hotel somehow
So much real koi fish swimming at Whaler's Village.  These are fake btw.
Tourist hags and Robin zone at Whaler's Village
Happy zones for sure :)
Yes, Robin is a KOBE fan as well.
Some ice cream for dessert on Front Street
Beautiful Maui Sunset