Monday, June 27, 2011

North Shore 08/09 clip.

Here is a clip from the North Shore 2008/2009 season except for the last two video clips. The second to the last clip is from Chile 2010 and the last clip is from Off The Wall 2011. Eminem is my most favorite artist so I used one of his new songs somehow. Check it out. Thank you for the support. aloha.

Jacob Romero NS 08/09 from Jacob Romero on Vimeo.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Aloha and Mahalo Australia.

First of all I just wanted to give a big mahalos to the boys at Emerald Surf City Bodyboard shop in Cronulla. Thanks to Dezzy, Rossco, and Richie chout guy for all of the good times, surf sessions, and looking after me in Australia. You guys are legends for sure. If you are in Cronulla go check them out. Lots of Bodyboards and bodyboarding product. Or if you are online somehow check them out at or at their blog zone

Another big thank you to Corio guy hags! He is the guy behind Flipmode Clothing. Thank you for the surf sessions and the good times as well. Check out Flipmode at

Lastly, thank you to TURBO Bodyboards , ATTICA wetsuits, The Foam Company, Gregg and Glenn Taylor, Alex Leon, Andrew Lester, Lee Kelly, Doc, Heath, and all of the Cronulla groms for all of the good times and support. With out you guys I wouldn't be able to be in Australia, in the SIC event, and enjoy my time in Australia like I did. I wished I got more waves, but you can't score waves all the time. It's all up to mother nature :) With that being said, I had a really good time in Australia and I just wanted to thank everyone. Sorry if I missed you, but thank you as well. I'm back in Hawaii and enjoying it for sure. Can't wait to see my family, my gf, my friends, and my pets somehow. aloha! LIFE IS GOOD......With Guy Hags.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fundraiser for Eddie Solomon

Let's do this Hawaii. July 10 at 7:30pm at Dave and Busters after the Sandy Beach Pro. aloha

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shark Island Challenge Highlights.
Check out the link for some Shark Island Challenge highlights. I have a clip at 1:36 into the video clip. Some sick action from everyone as well. aloha :)

New board and Australia zones.

I got a new toy from Glenn Taylor (shaper and part owner of the other day. It's the same shape and everything that I've been riding, but the core is different. I am trying out the 3D core for the first time with two stringers. I love it in cold water, but I don't think it will last in warm water with airs and stuff. Maybe for scooping big wave zones, but no airs. Well I still don't know cause I haven't tried it in Hawaii yet. So we will see. I'm also getting another one exactly like this one, but with mesh in it so it will be more durable for warmer water. I'm pretty amped! Glenn shapes the sickest boards! yewwww. Below are some photos of Glenn shaping my 3D board and the two Bodyboarding photos is of me testing them out at the Island this past weekend. They were shot by Evan Davies.

The last two photos are just some zones in Australia. The first one is a beautiful sunrise in Cronulla and the last one is me living large with my sweater at some shop zone with my team mate from Todd McRorie. Good times. aloha! with guy hags!

Monday, June 20, 2011

SIC photos again somehow.

Here are the photos of my heat in the SIC again somehow. This was the last post on my old blogg before it got all cabb so I figured to post the contest photos again if you missed it. Check them out. Thanks again everyone for the support and positive vibes. I'm in Australia for another week. Hopefully I can get some work done. aloha and mahalos:)

Sequence by Matt Viesis

Guy hags and Fun Island with Lee Kelly.

Okay so I'm pretty sure that most of you are asking whats "guy hags" mean? I got the saying "guy hags" from this Hawaii forecaster guy which his actual name is Guy Hagi. When I would see a friend or something I would say, "sup guy", but then after I started saying "sup guy hagi", but then I wanted to make it my own and say "sup guy hags". I know it's pretty weird and I'm actually weird myself and make up a lot of words. I think in one of my next posts i'll post all of the words i've made up somehow or use a lot. It's crazy because when i see friends and stuff they say "sup guy hags" to me and that's how I got my blogg title. A lot of my friends here in Australia mostly in Cronulla talk like me and say "sup guy hags" to me as well. It's sick:) So that's my explanation on guy hags.
Below is a photo of the actual Hawaii Forecaster Guy Hagi.

I surfed some fun island yesterday. It was pretty small from the other days, but still fun somehow. Lee Kelly was out and got some cool photos of me. Check them out and check out his website at
aloha:) Life is good with guy hags!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

NEW ZONE!!!!!!!

Hey everyone! So after trying the whole day trying to save my old blogg (Life is good, I couldn't save it somehow, but managed to save all of my pages. All of my old blogg posts are gone, but it's all good. My new URL is

Here is a photo from Shark Island yesterday shot by Evan Davies . Cheers to a new zone. aloha and I'm still cruising Australia somehow. aloha. LIFE IS GOOD......with hags.