Friday, February 22, 2013

Oahu times

           So I've been on Oahu for almost two weeks now and it's been nothing, but good times!  Eating good food, hanging out with my good friends, catching up with my old friends from international zones, enjoying some epic waves, hiking, laughing, smiling, having fun, fishing for sharks, seeing allkine rainbows, shooting with my Gopro at Sandys, and enjoying epic moments have been some of the things that I've been doing here on Oahu.  
         Even though the waves haven't been too good for the Gopro IBA Pipeline comp, my friends Alan Lamphere and Miles Kauhaahaa where ripping their heats.  Alan won his first two heats and is now in round 3 when competition resumes.  Miles Kauhaahaa won his first DK heat and lost in his quarterfinal heat.  You can follow them on their facebook athlete pages at Alan Lamphere and Miles Kauhaahaa.  Lots of Hawaiians also did really good in the comp as well.  Let's hope and stay positive that we can get some okay waves for the comp and the Hawaiians can dominate the zone.
       Other than that, it's been epic times here on Oahu!  I'm loving life and enjoying my time here.  I'll be here till the end of the comp then i'm back home on Maui for sure!  I can't wait to get home, but for now I'm going to have fun and enjoy my time here on Oahu zones.  Hope everyone is doing great!  Life is good :)  aloha and mahalo!

Chicken Katsu from Ted's Bakery.  soooo good!
My friend Akiko Sato from Japan.
Another friend from Japan Minami Hatekayama.  She is in the final for the womens division of the Gopro IBA Pipe Comp.
Free surfing barrel at Pipe.  Photo:  The Jersey Mobb
Inverting at Backdoor.  Frame grab:  Within Films
Big Rex cruising
Epic Acai bowl for my zone
Epic view of Diamond Head
Reverse guy at the Beach Park.  Frames:  Mike Kini
Big Pipe
Rainbow zone
Alan Lamphere getting interviewed after his heat win
Reverse guy.  Photo:  Don Nguyen
Another reversing for guy.  Photo:  Chucky Trouville
Hiking Koko Head.  The start zone
Epic views
Miles taking a break
Guy hiking with slippers and gallon water zone
I letchu
Made it :)
Couple guys cruising
Jay with @sunshine
Yeah go that way I letchu.
Miles stoked and about to get interviewed after winning his DK heat
Hagatron stoked on fishing for sharks.  Catch and Release
Catch and release
Catch and release with teeth
Catch and release crab cabb
Da boys tanks
Picnic solo in zone guy
Pretty bow of the rain
Stuck shet

See i letch let him cruise den letchu release and swim let.

Inverse at pipe.  Photos:  Martin Glidephotos
T&C GO BIG Promo at Windward Mall
Team TURBO was cruising with leis
Playing games on stage
Epic fans
Me and JMV
Secret Dphils in a shorebreak at sandys.  
Secret married Timmy Hamilton with beard in a shorebreak of Sandys
Secret dark guy
Another cute rainbow
Poke bowl tanks
A not so secret interview anymore for my new sponsor Da Secret Sauce.  Make sure you get your Team Jacob 6 packs. 
Yeah i letchu ride bike
Letting me sleep after a long day of surfing and letting.