Sunday, January 27, 2013

Maui living

         Waves, food, family, friends, sunsets, sunrises, and relaxing is mostly what I've been doing or seeing with my time here on Maui.  I've been enjoying home as much as I can because I have a big year of traveling and competing on the IBA World Tour.  I love being home, but I am getting excited and amped to compete in the first stop of the IBA World Tour which will be on Oahu at Pipeline from Feb 16-March 1.  I'm also looking forward to enjoy some waves with friends on the North Shore of Oahu as well.  Stoked!  Below are a bunch of photos of some epic moments on Maui.  Thanks again everyone for the support :)  Enjoy!  Aloha and mahalo!

Gopro selfie yesterday evening at big beach

Backflipping at the harbor a week ago.  Photo:  Aaron Najera
DK shaka smile guy.  Photo:
DK sahhhh at DK wars.  Photo:  Aaron Najera
Invert.  Frame:  Wade Saunders
New rides for the North Shore winter season on Oahu.  TURBO!!!!!!!!
going green for dinner one night.  Kale.  My favorite 
Espresso in my zone
My boy.  
Pristine Molokai.
nice cut i got.
Kyle and Jonah cooling off in the valley after a nice run
Best acai bowl for sure
Epic times with friends
Snowball.  favorite.
Iao Valley evening time
Sunrise from home
Fun bay with 1,001 guys out.
Reverse guy at guy.  Frame:  Klot War Media
Maui No Ka Oi
Going pro with gopro
one more
Mom and dad.

My Koi pond
Gopro nice
Da boys checking zone
Gopro guy

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Maui Bodyboarders

       We were blessed with some epic waves at home here on Maui this past weekend.  All of the Maui Bodyboarders were on it.  The groms, old school, legends, new school, and allkines were ripping.  It's always sick Bodyboarding with the legends because these guys were the guys that started it all here on Maui.  Also, the groms nowadays are ripping harder than ever and they push my Bodyboarding for sure.  I love Bodyboarding at home with all of the boys.  Sharing laughs, hoots, barrels, airs, smiles, and just enjoying the waves is something I look forward to every time I boogie at home.  Below are photos taken by Byron J Yap Facebook and Klotwar Films.  The frame grabs were put together by Keanu Gregory.
      Hope everyone has been getting some waves.  Thank you for all of the support.  Enjoy the photos!  Life is good :)  aloha and mahalo
Cary Kayama.  Photo:  Byron J Yap
Miles Kauhaahaa.  Photo:  Byron J Yap
Benjamin Reed.  Photo:  Byron J Yap
Dylan Lee.  Photo:  Byron J Yap
Noa Auweloa, Churches.  Frame grab:  Keanu
Keanu Gregory, Churches
Mikey Mcguire.  Photo:  Byron J Yap
Kahekili Labatte.  Photo:  Byron J Yap
Kevin Delmore.  Photo:  Byron J Yap
Hags, Churches.  Frame grab:  Keanu Gregory
Jonah Romero.  Photo:  Byron J Yap
Cordon Stapp, Churches
Marcus Rodrigues.  Photo:  Klotwar Films

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Maui Newspaper 1/15/13

       Grab today's Maui newspaper and have a read in the sports section.  Super stoked to be in it somehow.  It was one of my dreams to have an article in it and it finally happened.  Thank you Maui and everyone for the support!  Here's the link online Maui News article aloha and mahalo 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Maui zones

             So the waves haven't been too good lately, but I still have been enjoying home Maui zones for sure besides the fact I had a minor ear infection somehow.  I've been cruising with family and friends, enjoying the sun, sand, beach, sunsets, sunrises, cleaning allkine leaves at my house, eating some delicious food zones, finished my first book in about 10 years, and even taking some fancy Gopro photos.  
             My ear has been bothering me for awhile now, but I never had medical insurance till this New Year so I finally went to the doctors and they said I had a minor ear infection.  He prescribed me some antibiotic zones and my ear has been feeling better.  I also been using ear plugs while I surf or cruise in the ocean.  Stoked that I caught my ear infection early as it could've gotten worse and now I have medical insurance.
             It's epic around this time of year as well because a bunch of family and friends come home from school or work or anykine zones to vacation and enjoy.  My good friend Nick is at home and it was cool to cruise and catch up.  Also, my cousin Luke is hear searching for jobs and it's been good times!  Below are some photos shot with my Gopro and iphone zone of some epic moments here at home.  enjoy everyone!  Life is good :)
Big beach cruising with beard and ear plugs.

Jonah, Nick, guy, and Luke enjoying the sunset at Big zone
Good times
Jonah and Nick.  Big zone
An epic sunset from big beach
Getting fancy photos with my Gopro

Nick with the Sahhhhhh
Luke enjoying the warmth.  He currently lives in Portland where it is snowing right now.
Nick.  Barreling
Family dinner for my cousin Britney's going back to college zone.
Best book i've read and completed in 10 years.
Yard cleaning
Pochos cruising.  Man-O-War jelly zones.  shetty.
Helped feed the hungry on Sunday with my Church
Doctor zone.
Boom Kananz Mosquito dead! 
Maui No Ka Oi
Our pond in the back yard
Sunrise this morning