Sunday, June 23, 2013

Maui home

                It's been awhile since I've blogged about home zones.  After Chile and California all I wanted to do was relax and enjoy home because I've been gone for a month.  I really didn't care if I boogied(I somehow boogied though 4 times at Churches) all I wanted to do was enjoy everything at home.  From hanging out with my girlfriend, family, and friends, to soaking in Maui's outdoor beauty I've been loving it all.  I've been home for about 2 weeks now and it's always the best feeling in the world having fun at home.  It's a good way to re-charge the batteries and get ready for my next adventure in this world or next competition.  I've got a new board sponsor, the best support system, and I'm all charged up and ready for the USBA Sandy's comp which will be from July 6-7!  It's going to be epic!
                 Below are a bunch of photos of my Maui home.  I've been going on hikes, enjoying good food, snorkeling, shooting a bunch of gopro photos at big beach, putput golfing, sharing beautiful sunrises and sunsets with my loved ones, cruising with friends, cruising with Honu's, and sharing good times with everyone.  Maui will and always be my home wherever I am in this world.  Life is good!  Enjoy the photos.  Go out and explore your home zones!  Thanks for all the support!  Aloha and Mahalo!

Snorkeling with Celeste
Bamboo forest monkey guy
Celeste cruising
Brother and sister love.  Cordon and Celeste having fun in the forest of Bamboos
A cute waterfall
Pouring rain during our cute hike.  Rain or shine Celeste enjoying.
My love
Big beach empty
Another cute one
My favorite Sea animal to see under the sea
Crab guy
Crab shakas
See eat
Sea cruise
A nice beverage.  Black and tan.
Dinner with my mom and pops
Happy guy
A nice sunset enjoyed with my brother, Rusti, and Celeste
Secret Celeste feeding the fish
Acai Bowl>Mcdonlds
Big beach with my beautiful girlfriend Celestial
Jump in da valley and clean da shrimp
I had a garage sale as well.  Pops putting up signs in Waiehu
Peekaboo with kolohe boy
Sold all my old zones.  time for new zones.  for zones
Sold my last beard model to this stoked grom!
Working hard at the garage sale 
Pops and I made some lead for bottom fishing.
Fathers day fishing fun with my mom and pop
Nabetta master
Pan fry and eat um 
Da boys cruising for Mike Fearns go away party zone.  He left for Chicago
Secret fresh water turtle
The man of the house.  Kolo boy
Another cute honu
Put put golfing with Celeste and my mom and pop
Cliff house fun times.  My mom and pop went swimming
My pops rotary club rented out the Cliff House zone.  Such a beautiful pristine zone 
i could cruise in this zone forever
Beauty and the Beard
The entrance to the cliff house
Scrabble times.  I lost BTW
Love love 
I let her cruise
Shrimping boat
Getting the shot for IG
Aww da cute 
Da super moon was super like guy
More big beach fun
Backflip shrimp style
This guy ate all the shrimp on the beach
Tekking shet in the air
Sea world
Hags all focused.