Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dream Trip

                    I just got back from one of my best surf trips with my good friends.  I always dreamt of going on a surf trip with no contest involved with Jeff Hubb and Dave Hubb.  I've traveled with them a lot, but it was always to a competition somewhere in some zone.  I always looked up to Jeff since I was a kid and Dubb is just a freak when he's in the water.  And the boogie spot we went to was a dream spot I always wanted to surf and it was on my bucket list as well.  We had the best crew and such good vibes between all of us.  Jeff and Dave Hubb, Ray Collins(Photographer), Matthew Tanaka(videographer), and myself.  I traveled solo for the first 4 days.  I had an overnight layover in South Korea then flew to Bali and spend a couple days there by myself.  Bali was cool, but it is getting so populated and so much new buildings are being built and I was over it and couldn't wait to meet up with the boys in Java.  We all met up in Java and made the 3 and a half hour drive to the zone.  Once we got there we were set.  Jubb organized our accommodation and everything and it was such an epic place.  Our place where we were staying was right in front of the two surf breaks, we had fresh coconuts daily, we had our lunch and dinner made, the island vibes where awesome, and it was really relaxing not having wifi and being far away from everything.  We had a lot of time to enjoy each others company and also to have time to our selves.  Everyday we would wake up, coffee and oatmeal, surf, coconut hydration, eat lunch, surf, coconut hydration, dinner, play glass card, and sleep.  We did this for a week straight and it was nothing, but good times.  Glass card is a game that we all made up.  It's like uno, but we made our own rules and tricks to the game.  
                   Thank you to my good friends and these legends Jeff and Dave Hubbard, Ray Collins, and Matthew Tanaka for the good times and epic memories that I will never forget.  We scored some epic waves and Ray Collins shot some epic images that will be featured in the next Riptide Magazine.  Also, Matthew Tanaka was on the job and got some cool footage that I'll be saving for a "Summer" podcast that I'll release with all of my summer trips just before the winter season starts.  Jeff and Dave Hubb will feature there video footage zones in a project they have coming up.  All in all, this trip was a Dream Trip for me.  Mahalo for the support everyone and to my sponsors No.6 Bodyboards, The Foam Company, NVCTA Clothing, Da Secret Sauce, Reeflex Wetsuits, SURGE Wax, and Dakine for the love!!!!!!  Life is good :)  Aloha
South Korean flag cruising
Pristine flowers cruising
Incheon fancy airport
Getting my shrimp fix
This view never gets old
Breaky in Bali
Bali zones 
Bintang cruising
Mie Goreng
Cap Chay
Sunset vibes solo kine
Best Bali drive Ketut
On another plane to the zone
Tek Big Shet
Our zone at the zone tek fancy pristine shet and shower in zone.
Our home zone for the zone
Fresh coconuts stocked daily.
Island life
Our look out tower to check da waves.
Our dinner table zone and glass card playing zone
Dinner kines
mooooooooo tek stink shet 
Biggest fighting chicken i ever saw
Epic locals
Power outage glass card playing
heart love
Pristine cute wedge zone in front of islands.  so epic
Coconut Hydration
Biggest lizard
Left or Right chu like
Jubbs shell collection 
Beautiful moment
Glass card playing.  Best card game for sure.
Best trip.  Dream trip with good friends.  Good vibes good times:)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Podcast "JROM-This Room"

           With winter coming to an end, here's a new podcast that features footage from home zones and Oahu North Shore zones.  It was edited by Michael Kini and filmed by Marcus Rodrigues, Michael Kini, and Matthew Tanaka.

JROM - This Room from MichaelKini on Vimeo.