Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More TURBO's at The Foam Company

More TURBO's have arrived at The Foam Company located in the Maui Mall across of the pet shop.  Lot's more sizes in stock for sure.  They look epic and feel great.  Go and check them out today and support.  Aloha and Mahalo

 V limited, IV, Kingy, and Romero's all in stock

Monday, January 30, 2012

DK Wars Maui

Last Friday DK Wars came to Maui somehow.  Christopher Taloa and crew put on an epic event and it was cool to see all the boys ripping it up on the knee at Pakuz.  Maui legends such as Chado, Wizard, Landlord, Pilot, and Evan Kaaihue also showed up and put on a show.  Also, a bunch of groms, locals,   and outer island DKers where ripping for sure.  I participated in the team category, but we somehow lost.  Congrats to team Family Affair for winning the team division and Evan Kaaihue and Cole for winning the individual category.  It was a great day with good times and good vibes.  Below is a DK sequence of me spraying the man himself, Wonton, shot by Dylan Lee.  haha good times :)  Check out http://www.dkwars.com/ for allkines.
More photos from DK Wars, click on the links:
Daniel Kauhaahaa photos
Dylan Lee photos

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Haleakala Sunrise

Yesterday morning Richard Lornie, creator of "Chout" and "Chout The World", and I went to Haleakala to check out the sunrise.  It was a beautiful morning and the sunrise was epic.  If you've never been to Maui before, it's a must to go check out for sure.  Below are some photos from the sunrise shot with my Gopro somehow.  aloha
The crowd at the sunrise on Haleakala
Richie getting the clips


Hags with the view of the West Maui Mountains

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Las Vegas Vacation

My girlfriend Robin and I went on a mini vacation this past week. We left last Thursday and came back this past Tuesday 1-24-12. We cruised the strip, gambled, watched a Cirque du Soleil(Zummanity) show, went to the Hoover Dam, and cruised The Grand Canyon in the snow somehow. We had a blast and it was nice cruising with Robin in Vegas because it was her first time there and she will be heading to the Navy sometime this year. Our highlight of our trip was watching the Cirque du Soleil performance, but we also had a good time at The Grand Canyon. The visibility was pretty bad at the Canyon, but it was cool to be there while it was snowing. I never had the right kinds of clothing for snowy weather so I was freezing for sure. Anyway, we had an awesome time in Las Vegas and I couldn't be happier spending it with my love for sure :) aloha and mahalo! Here are some photos from our trip.
On the plane, on our way with gopro.
Robin stoked for sure :)
Our first day in Vegas.
Strip zones.
Cruising the strip.
Cool water show.
I drank coffee, but I had to hold Robin's drink somehow.
I guess this is what you do in vegas. Walk around with alcohol.
Fancy dessert zones.
Hoover Dam.
Hoover zones.
Driving to the canyon.
Keeping warm.
Robin in the teepee
The Grand Canyon somehow.
Robin and I at the Grand Canyon.
Snow cruising.

Fun session today

My good friend Richard Lornie, creator of "Chout" and "Chout the World" came over to Maui to cruise and surf some waves. We got some fun waves today somehow. Here are a couple of Gopro frame grabs from todays session. aloha and mahalo for the support.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

Dphil last BZ boards

New clip of Dphil. Left over footage from David Phillips and his last BZ boards.
DPhil is now happily riding for Division 71.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Invert at home

Below is a frame grab of an invert I did at home on January 4, 2012. It was filmed by Shea Sevilla. This was the biggest swell to hit Maui this winter and everyone was on it. My good friend David Phillips https://www.facebook.com/dphils came over from his home island to catch a few waves as well. Shea Sevilla was shooting with Dphils video camera and captured a bunch of sick clips. Everyone was ripping and I was stoked to finally get some big rampy waves. Maui grom, Kahekili Labatte really impressed me by going huge on this day. Let's hope we get more big swells somehow. Thank you everyone for the continuous support. I appreciate it :) aloha and mahalo

Friday, January 13, 2012

DK snap sequence

My good friend Shea Sevilla shot this sequence of me DKing at my home break, "Churches." Check it out. mahalo for the support everyone :) aloha

Monday, January 9, 2012

Tanner McDaniel visits Maui

12 year old ripper grom Tanner McDaniel from Kauai came to visit Maui this past weekend. He was staying at my place and he had a good time for sure. It was his first time bodyboarding here and he competed in the Paia Beach Fest. He also got to surf some good Kahului Harbor and Honolua Bay which was epic! Tanner ended up placing 1st in the Menehune Division and 2nd in the Juniors. The Paia Beach Fest was a warm up contest for him because he will be back for the USBA regionals which will be held in March. One more thing, I was super stoked to see so much groms ripping this past weekend at the contest. Maui is holding so much potential for sure. I have had so much great memories of competing at the beach fest over the years and I am stoked to see it going strong! Mahalo to all of the staff at Paia and sponsors for keeping this contest going. Aloha :)

Tanner McDaniel backflipping at the harbor

Party wave at Paia bay. Tanner's first session at Paia Bay last Friday
Contest day. Tanner ready for take care and super stoked!
Kimbo Hags DK Open floater.
Getting interviewed by Akaku somehow.
Tanner and I with our prizes and medals. Tanner got 1st in the Menehune division and 2nd in the Juniors. Kimbo hags got 2nd in the DK Open. stoked groms!

We had an epic dinner after the contest at my house. We also played charades and it was Tanner's turn. Good times.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Monday, January 2, 2012

Maui Stylers

From Maui Ripper and editor of this clip, Kevin Delmore, "some footage from couple swells last winter 2010 - 2011
Riders - Jacob Romero, Kona Kuailani, Kingley Uaiwa, Cary Kayama, Bobby Kaiwi, Jonah Romero, Mikey, Aaron, Sire, Mongos, Hubb, Kevin Delmore

camera footage - Kevin Delmore, Aleminx, Trat nate, Marcus Rodrigues"

First session of the new year.

First session of the new year was a fun one at home. Stoked! Here are a couple of frame grabs shot with my Gopro. Happy New Year everyone. aloha:)