Thursday, August 28, 2014

Arica, Chile footage

Some waves I rode during my stay in Arica, Chile this year.  I put together this short clip for my instagram zone @jacobromero1
The waves weren't as big as last year, but it's always fun flying around Flopos :)
Hit play and enjoy.  Footage by:  Intrios Bodyboard.  Edit:  guy

Arica, Chile 2014 from Jacob Romero on Vimeo.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Indonesia 2014

A few months ago I went on a trip to Indonesia with the Hubbard brothers, Ray Collins, and Matthew Tanaka.  We got some fun waves and it was one of the best trips.  This video is dedicated to my grandpa who passed away while I was on this trip.  I never got to say goodbye to him, but I know he is up in heaven looking after me.  Enjoy :)

The No. 6 - Jacob Romero // Indo 2014 from Matthew Tanaka on Vimeo.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Arica, Chile so far.

              So I've made it to Arica, Chile safely and been enjoying my time here.  I've been here for about 10 days now and there's been waves everyday expect today which was the smallest I've seen it for sure.  I decided to come to Chile a week early before the contest to warm up and practice because I wanted to get use to the cold water and the bigger waves.  During this time of year in Hawaii the waves aren't as big so I wanted to get comfortable in the big surf again.  
              I have been staying with my good friend Rapo in his home he shares with his amazing family and girlfriend Camila.  I am sharing a room with my other good Chilean friend Renato so it's been good times.  We've been eating some good food, surfing mostly everyday, cruising, we also competed in the local national tour they have here.  It's been awesome and life is good for sure!  Rapo and Camila have opened up a Sushi business called Aloha Sushi here in Arica, Chile.  If you're looking for some good fresh tasty sushi, call them up at 54519229-76716923 or 78582549 or go to their Facebook site at and leave a message.
             The Arica Chilean Challenge has started as well and they've ran till Round 4.  I ended up winning my first heat and jump straight into round 5.  The waves haven't been as big as last year, but I'm still stoked and you have to be able to compete in all kinds of conditions to be the best.    The contest is on stand by right now, but Tuesday-Sunday is looking promising for waves.  
            Mahalo to all of you for the support and epic vibes!!!  Super stoked and I couldn't be more thankful.  aloha and mahalo! 
Crossing the Chile border
Tubo zone in my heat.  Frame:  Sergio
Arica Chilean Challenge competitors
Alex, Diego, and guy
Flipping in my heat.  Frame:  Sergio
Free surf vert.  Photo:  Bodyboard Nation 
Cruising with pink.
First session.  El Rancio.  
Some curl time free surf.  PC:  Bodyboard Nation
More El Rancio cruising
Reverse free surf.  PC:  Sergio
Free surf verts.  PC:  Bodyboard Nation 
Free surf reverch.  PC:  Bodyboard Nation
Dead seal guy
Aloha Sushi Delivery
PC:  Bodyboard nation
Dog fight 
Dog cruise
Sunsets in Arica is rare somehow at this time of year 
Free surfing cute.  PC:  Sergio
Waiting for taxi.  
Fat goat 
selfie with braddah llama
Pslands and llamas 
Post heat with Jerry
Cruise with dog
Da boys
Beards on webcast

Thursday, August 7, 2014

SOL Clothing and Maui, Oahu, and California zones on route to Chile.

         I am very stoked and amped to have signed with SOL Clothing.  SOL means Stoked On Life and I'm proud and excited to represent a company that has a positive outlook on life and a company that is based out of San Diego, CA that supports the sport not only in the USA, but Hawaii as well.  They are all about supporting the sport.  These are the guys that brought you the Boogie DVD called "Double or Nothin" now they are bringing you some epic Boogie wear.  Check them out at and support a company that supports the sport. 
       I am currently here in Lima, Peru on a layover heading to Chile.  Since my last blog post, I've been enjoying my Maui home zones camping, eating, sunsets, sunrises, family, friends, my lovely girlfriend Celestial, just enjoying the simple things at home.  I knew that I would be away from home for a month, so every moment is special to me at home.  I met up with Celestial on Oahu cause she was there for work.  We cruised and I also got to boogie with my good friends at Sandys and some other zones.  It was a great way to start my trip away from home.  After Oahu, I flew to California where I stayed with my good friend Jay and his family up in Oxnard and got to surf the base before getting kicked out.  It was good times though for sure!  Then I headed to Orange county to cruise with more friend and boogie Salt Creek zones.  I am now on my way to Chile and can't wait to boogie some cold water waves and boost allkines somehow!
      Mahalo to all of you for the support.  There is a hurricane hitting Hawaii right now with another one on the way.  I'm praying for all of you in Hawaii especially my family, friends, and gf.  Stay safe everyone!  Love you all!     
SOL Clothing USA
My love date night
Acai :)
She loves the beard
Minions.  $1 movies with the family
New Foam Company zones in the Kaahumanu zones mall
Some very talented boogie wave riders right here 
Romero and Hubb Bros!
I was super proud of Celeste for hiking down here and over coming her fear of heights.  For those of you know where this zone is, you know that it isn't that easy getting here.  
Relaxing after the hike down
Still the best acai zones on maui
Country loving
Hana adventuring with the boys
Packing for my trip zones
One last Maui sunset
Flipping at half point.  PC:  Jacob Vandervelde
Dinner date night cruise with my love in Waikiki
My first beer in a month 
Flipping at Half point again.  PC:  Jacob Vandervelde 
Vert in zone
Oxnard Cali cruising
My good friend Jay and I.  He's such a legend and one of my biggest supporters
Scored some waves
Surf and straight into this feed
Wedge firing 
Salt creek
One last American meal 
My good friend Shea Sevilla shopping for flowers mekking nice
Salt Creek groms and beard