Thursday, May 22, 2014

MannyVtours Costa Conquest 2014

             I really didn't know what to expect traveling on one of Manny Vargas' trips/tours.  I knew that it'll be a good time and that I would be Bodyboarding with the group of guys on his tour and all of the locals in Costa Rica.  I was the special guest Professional Bodyboarder somehow.  To me, it felt like I was part of the group and we were all on a surf trip together.  Coming into this trip I have never met anyone in the group and the only person I knew and was good friends with was Manny.  We all clicked right away and had so much good times.  The group was myself, Manny Vargas, Joshua, Jay Jay, Jose, Rob, and his girlfriend Francine.  We also had Elias owner of El Pana Surf and Bodyboard Shop in Jaco join us everyday and tour us around his local zones of Costa Rica.  From the time I stepped out of the plane to the end of our trip, we all got along great and created friendships that I know will last forever.  Even if we don't see eachother for awhile I know we will keep in touch via facebook and what not.  
              It was also my first time to Costa Rica.  The people here are so friendly and they rip on the boogie as well.  They have so much aloha here.  "Aloha" and "Pura Vida" are similar.  You greet someone with "Pura Vida" or you can also say "Pura Vida" when leaving.  "Pura Vida" means "Pure Life".  I loved it!  Everyone is so genuine here and always willing to help.  They are welcoming and it felt like I was at home somehow.  We scored waves everyday!  I think we boogied about 7 or more different spots.  It was insane.  The locals also held a Bodyboard contest on the Saturday we were here at El Hoyo.  It was such a sick event with more than 100 people showing up to compete and watch.  I ended up winning both the Dropknee and Open Divisions.  At the end of the contest and ceremony, I gave away my board to Thiago(a local grom that would always tell me good luck before my heats and say hello Jacob all the time) and I gave half of my prize money winnings back to the local Bodyboard club in Costa Rica.  They have shown and given me so much aloha here in Costa Rica that I wanted to give back as well.  I fell in love with Costa Rica during my 10 days here.      
             When we were not Bodyboarding or at the beach, we did fun activities like Ziplining, playing tourist and seeing the Volcano, saying hello to the Corcodiles, eating good local Costa Rican food, helping the Camelo Bikini girls with their Bodyboarding clinic just for girls, and we also made some good friends from all over the world.  It was so much good times and I can honestly say that this was one of my best trips for sure.
             If you haven't been on one of Manny Vargas' trips/tours, I highly suggest you start saving your money and going on one.  It will be a trip you will never forget.  For more information and to find out when is his next trip go to MannyVtours also follow him on instagram @mannyvmedia and on youtube MannyVtours youtube account.   Mahalo to Manny Vargas, Joshua, Jay, Rob, Francine, Jose, Elias, Chucky, the Camelo Bikini girls, the Canadian girls, and all of the local Costa Rican Bodyboarders for making this trip a memorable one.  Also, Thank you so much to Bodyboards.  No.6 is huge in Costa Rica and it was sick to see so much JROM beards cruising!  haha!  I will be back for sure!  PURA VIDA!
P.S.  All of the photos are not in order, but there's a lot.  Enjoy!  aloha and mahahlo!
Flipping at Hermosa.  PC:  Christian.
Awards Ceremony after the El Hoyo contest.  Winning the DK Division.  
Winning the Open Division
Some of the Camelo Bikini girls
We got fed this insane pizza meal after the contest
Local ripper and legend Chucky and I pre open division heat
Awards Party good times with the locals
Jay and I with the only girl competitor in the event
More local rippers with our group
Inverting at Hermosa.  PC:  Christian
More of the Camelo Bikini girls
Group photos at the awards party
El Hoyo local rippers
Post Open men finals
The Boys
Josh and Jose all amped in our van
Iguana cruising tekking shet on tree
Zipline zones with our crew and the Canadian Girls

A view from the Zipline tree guy
Group shot zipline zones
An empty at Hermosa
Some local treats
Wedge zone
Pura Vida
Cruising Dominical
Ants zones
Wot scrap!
Sloth cruising with nice face
Wildlife zones
Beautiful zones
We had a couple of beers in this big plane zone
These groms rip!
Rob, Josh, and Manny doing push-ups.  We made this rule if someone mentioned the word "mine" they would have to do 10 push-ups.
Dominical group photo
Tito, Manny, and Elias cruising after eating a good dinner
El Hoyo local rippers!
Jay, Jose, and I drinking some coffee for tek shet.
Jay with his fancy wax job
Jay and Josh getting ollied by some locals
Jay, Josh, and I with the Camelo Bikini girls in Elias's surf/bodyboard shop called el Pana located in Jaco.
Dinner outside before the awards ceremony
The set-up at the Camelo Bikini girls clinic
The Canadian girls Bodyboarding at the clinic
Dog cruisings
A cute fancy zone
All smiles for JROM
Group photos at the clinic
Found a cute peak
The Canadian girls made a good guacamole zone
Double peaks wot!
Zipline buldge
Zipline times.  Sara and guy.
Jay and Manny and the crew running up the mountain 
Fancy volcano
Volcano guy
Pristine zone
El Pana owner, ripper, and legend Elias all smiles during this trip
Fresh strawberries from the mountain 
This trip wouldn't be possible without these two zones.  Manny and No.6 Bodyboards
Hungry crocs
One last Costa Rican sunset
Camelo Bikini shop in Jaco
Manny, Jay, Jose, and I with the Canadian girls.  Sara, Annie, Sandryne, and Fannie.  Good times!
Inverting at el Hoyo.  PC.  Charley
Reversing at Playa Domical.  PC:  Charley
This is the grom Thiago I gave my board too.  One of the most stoked groms.
This mornings sunrise from Costa Rica.  PURA VIDA!!!!!!