Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2013 TURBO Romero board models

High Performance PP model
Paradox Cell model
Entry level HDPP model


My Venezuela trip has come to an end and it was an epic trip even though the waves were really small. It's a beautiful place and the people are nice.  I was pretty sketched on VZ after hearing all of the stories on that you shouldn't be alone at night and stay in doors as much as you can.  I guess Caracas is more sketchy than the island of Margarita.  I spent two nights in Caracas somehow at my friend Begonas house with her mom.  Begonas mom is a legend.  She's super cool and I had a great time hanging out and staying indoors talking stories and eating some local VZ food.  After a couple nights in Caracas, I made my way to Margarita.  It's a beautiful island and a lot safer than Caracas from what I was told.  I stayed with DUBB and the DK world champ Sacha Specker.  The waves never got bigger than 2ft, but the vibes and zones were good times for sure.  I ended up placing 13th in the Open pro and 9th in my first Pro GSS DK comp somehow.  Stoked!  I'm on route to Mexico right now and Im frothing to get some big sections and allkinesssss!!!  yewww!!  Below are some photos from my Venezuela trip.  Thank you to everyone in VZ for showing us a good time and also to Begona and her mom for taking care.  Enjoy.  aloha
Sunrise in Caracas
Gnarly crash zone in Caracas

Caracas city.  View from Begonas house
Big storms in Caracas
Begonas mom and I.  What a legend!
This iguana welcoming me to Margarita
Hostel zone.  Best accommodation
DUBB waiting for his turn to do a radio interview
group photo infront of one of the radio zones
comp zone firing
Rain zone raining
the comp set up in zone
DK world champ Sacha Specker enjoying some VZ local kine grinds
Radio hags
Epic support
DK guy
Bye VZ

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Jacob Romero Australia 2012

I am stoked on getting the TURBO wildcard for the Zicatela pro coming up.  To celebrate this zone, TURBO has released my podcast from my recent 3 week trip in Australia.  Enjoy!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Surfing and NYC guy

So the past couple of days have been fun.  The waves are really small so Alan and I took out the wave runner and had some fun catching some waves.  We took out the gopro and got some cool photos somehow.  The day was nice and sunny and we had a blast.  We also went to NYC somehow.  We caught the train and spent the night there at a friends place.  NYC is cool, but I don't think I could cruise there for more than one day.  I don't like cities and the fast pace zone in that zone.  We still had fun though checking out the memorial and times square.  All of the Hawaiians left NJ already so it's only Dubb and I left.  I am leaving on Monday and Dubb leaves on Wednesday for VZ.  We are both going to compete in the comp in both DK and Opend divisions.  I am amped and ready to cruise VZ.  I have never been there before and looking forward to it.  yewwww!!!  thanks for the support everyone.  aloha

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Jersey guy

Hello everyone!  So the past 7 days have been good times.  The USBA Jenks Pro finished and everyone was ripping especially the young groms.  Kahekili Labatte of Maui won the Open Professional division at the age of 17.  I always believed in this kid and he has a bright future ahead for him for sure.  I ended up placing 4th in the finals.  I won every heat, but couldn't get any waves in the finals.  I'm still stoked and just super happy for Kili!  Other than the contest going off, i've just been enjoying life here in New Jersey with all of my friends.  Surfing, eating, drinking, playing pool, cruising, enjoying the storms, and das good.  We also went to NY yesterday and scored some fun waves.  I'll be here in NJ for another 5 or 6 days then heading to Venezuela somehow.  Enjoy the photos below of New Jersey and New York zones.  aloha and mahalo for the support.  Life is good

my iphone took a facial and is bent somehow das good

Black and white zone
Da boys guy
Early morning NY guy
NY Lido beach guy