Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hurricane FloSEE!

           This past Tuesday hurricane Flossi or FloSEE hit the Hawaiian Islands and it brought some amazing moments in the water and some scary times.  The day started off nice with a fun cute session at my home break Churches.  It was about 2-3ft and good conditions.  Somehow this lady zone from Honolulu Advertiser stopped us on the side of the road to capture a photo of us cruising to the Churches zone.  It was fun.  After our session, it started to drizzle a little.  Also, my good friend Marcus Rodrigues kept all the boys updated with the surf report and wind condition and was calling that around 3 or 4pm the waves would be going off at our local home zone.  Which is really rare for the month of July because it's a winter time break.  So all the boys were getting amped and ready.  My brother Josh, Cordon Stapp, Marcus Rodrigues, Kahekili Labatte, Sam Mederios, Miles Kauhaahaa, Mikey Mcguire, couple of the Maui boys, and I enjoyed one of the most memorable sessions we had at our local Kahului spot.  We boogied probably for about 4 hours or so until the weather got crazy.  It went from cheering, amping, and screaming for our friends to bust on the waves, to scrambling and rushing to get out of the water and get home to our loved ones.  It was a scary feeling.  Probably one of the most scariest moments I've experienced in my life for sure, but I'm glad all the boys got home safely.  Never mess around with mother nature as you never know what will happen.  Have respect and always be prepared.  By the time I got home the power was out and my whole family was safe and lighting candles.  It was nice spending time with all of them having a candle lit dinner.  Hope everyone else stayed safe and enjoyed FloSEE.  Below are some moments captured durfing Hurrican FloSEE.  
              Be sure to follow my good friend and amazing photographer/videographer Marcus Rodrigues on instagram @dmarxsmauitahiti and on Facebook .  
Honolulu Advertiser guys
My older brother Josh getting interviewed by KITV before paddling out at our zone
Cordon Stapp, Josh, and I meking dat walk.  Photo:  Marcus Rodrigues
Potential.  Started off onshore then got offshore and perfect
Last minute thoughts for guy zone JROM.  Photo:  Marcus Rodrigues
Pull in.  lidat.  Frame:  Marcus Rodrigues
More moments during Flossi and after Flossi
DUBB came over to Maui on a layover for about 3 hours 
Epic capture by Marcus Rodrigues @dmarxsmauitahiti
Miles Kauhaahaa shaka guy while Maui legend Mikey Mcguire dropping into a nice one.  Photo:  @dmarxsmauitahiti
Came home to this after our session.
Candle lit dinner with the family
Amen :)
Crazy lightning show. 
The next morning.  FloSEE looking beautiful

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