No.6 JROM Signature Boards

            I am proud and stoked on my new No.6 JROM signature models.  They are available now!  They come in both bat and crescent tails, single stringer, PP, and Mesh.  It's the exact shape as my old Board models, but with new flashy color combinations.  Enjoy! The No.6

      My New JROM No.6 Limited Skintec boards are available now as well!!!!!  
     "Skintec™ is the newest in Compression Technology.
A polymer layering system will enhance the recoil of the PP Core. Skintec™ can be utilized in many core configurations and we use it in a selection of No.6 heavy hitters. Find Skintec™ in the JRom 40 Signature Bat Tail Limited"


  1. As usual absolutely brilliant boards! One question,why no 43 or 42.5? There are alot of guys after that!